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timelyoffsetinseconds: object

Default value: undefined

The timely offset of each subtitle forms the property key for the details (subtitle text and duration) given below. The timely offset is the timely offset in seconds or fractions of seconds from the start of the recording. When the user pauses the recording, the time during which the recording is paused is not considered when showing a subtitle. For instance, when a subtitle’s timely offset is 42 seconds, but the recording is paused after a mere 30 seconds have passed, we will only show that subtitle 12 seconds after resuming the recording.

text: string

Default value: undefined

The subtitle string that is shown at the given timely offset. Note that the entire string will be shown at the same time. Hence you need to make sure that the text fits into the boundaries of the webcam recording.

duration: number

Default value: undefined

The (optional) timely duration in seconds for which the subtitle text will be shown. If duration is not given, the subtitle text will be shown until the timely offset of the next subtitle text is reached. If the duration is given and the current timely offset plus the duration exceeds the timely offset of the next subtitle, the current subtitle will also be hidden when the next subtitle’s timely offset is reached.