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How to Add Video To LinkedIn

In this post we’re showing you 3 ways to add video to LinkedIn. We’re also showing you how to share those videos faster than before.

As you might already know, at present LinkedIn doesn’t allow regular users to upload videos directly to its platform or its Slideshare service. Thus, it’s not possible to share a video directly in a post, status update or on a profile page by simply uploading a clip from your computer.


Similar to other platforms though, you can embed YouTube or Vimeo videos on LinkedIn by making use of the video’s full or short URL, which is the easiest way we’re aware of – unlike in the past it’s not necessary anymore to use the video’s full embed code.

However before you can add a video to LinkedIn, getting it onto YouTube to share it from there is a prerequisite – which is why our first recommendation is around uploading the video to YouTube:

Start with this tip to get a video onto YouTube (or Vimeo) faster to add it to LinkedIn

Uploading to YouTube or any other video platform can be tedious and take a long time depending on how large your video is and how good your upload link is. In addition if you’re on a metered connection, larger uploads use more of your bandwidth quota.

Therefore our suggestions is to compress your video file before uploading it to YouTube. A video converter that doesn’t upload the video in order to compress it but does so locally on your computer can help with this.

Our web app Clipchamp is such a converter & compressor. Processing your video through it can reduce the file size significantly. It will also convert movies into a modern video format and thus makes sending them to YouTube much faster than uploading an original, large file.

And now, here are the 3 ways to add video to LinkedIn.

  1. Add Video to a LinkedIn Status Update

Once the video is on YouTube, all you have to do is copy & paste its URL into your LinkedIn status update.

Click on “Share” under the video on YouTube, then copy the short URL.



Paste the short URL into the status update. LinkedIn will recognise it and fetch the video’s preview still image as well as its title and description after processing the link. In a status update – the style of which might look slightly different after LinkedIn’s recent website redesign, this is what it looks like:


After the link was processed:


As an even quicker alternative, you can also share a video directly from YouTube to LinkedIn through the YouTube Share options. Just click the LinkedIn icon, then sign in to your account in the window that comes up, add a message, click submit and you’re good to go:

  1. Embed Video in a LinkedIn Pulse Post

Pulse is LinkedIn’s blogging and long-form article service – for instance used by our CEO Alex. If you’d like to add videos into an article you’re publishing on Pulse, it’s equally easy to embed YouTube, Vimeo or Vine videos there.

Whenever you create a new post on Pulse, all you have to do is click the icon to the left of the text area, select the video option and paste the video URL or short link:


After clicking the “insert” icon, select the Video option


Then add your video’s URL


Which will embed the video like this

  1. Add Video to LinkedIn Profile Pages

Similar to status updates and posts, LinkedIn doesn’t let you upload video files directly to your profile page.

However there is a workaround to embed video in your profile nevertheless by creating a Slideshare presentation, adding a YouTube (or Vimeo) video to the first page of the presentation and then embedding this Slideshare presentation on your LinkedIn profile page. While we haven’t tested this trick ourselves it’s been suggested in this blog post.

Note that you still have to upload your video to YouTube (or Vimeo) first before you can add it to Slideshare. Our tip that we mentioned above of compressing and converting the video before uploading it will help in this case as well. Smaller files upload faster and thus you can share them more easily in Slideshare too.

In addition to YouTube, LinkedIn supports embedding video from other video platforms such as Vimeo as well. The process of embedding such videos is the same or very similar to the one of sharing a  YouTube video where you only have to copy & paste the video’s URL into a LinkedIn post or status update.

These are the 3 options to add video to LinkedIn for regular users. There might be others in the future or LinkedIn might start to offer direct video uploads. If this happens, we’ll be sure to update our post accordingly.

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