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How to add music & stock audio effects to videos online

When it comes to great video content, the right audio is just as important as good visuals. No need to believe me, just watch 🙂

A little less edgy and cool with a different sound design, isn’t it?

But it’s one thing to know great audio is important and another to make it happen.

So, how do you add pro audio tracks to video online if you don’t have anything recorded or can’t afford copyright? How can you add audio to video even if you haven’t got the equipment to capture clear sound effects or ambient sound?

That’s where Clipchamp comes in! Its video editor has a fantastic library of sound effects, music, loops, and ambient sounds that is free to access and explore. 

Making the most of the Clipchamp media library

The media library features more than 40,000 professional stock audio and video assets, all royalty-free.

Those audio assets are incredibly diverse. You’ll find hip-hop beats, full tracks of background music, and sound effects ranging from huge explosions to gentle birdsong.

add background music to a video project

Benefits for premium users

The benefits of this audio library for premium users are obvious. You can add background music or stock audio effects to your video and download the finished product without watermarks.

Benefits for free users

With a free Clipchamp account, you can do all that except the last step. While you can download videos featuring stock audio, that audio will be watermarked. But even so, the media library can be helpful to your project:

  • If you simply want a proof-of-concept video, watermarks may not be a problem.

  • By testing different types of music or sound effects with your video, you can get a better idea of the sound design that will work for you.

  • Working with someone to create original music or sound effects for your video? Clipchamp can help you get ideas for what will work!

If you decide you really need those clips for your video, upgrading starts at $9/month. That’s a smart investment when you consider that licensing one song for one video can start at $100 with indie artists and skyrockets quickly to $3 000+ with record labels!

How to add background music to videos with Clipchamp

Accessing and using this extensive stock audio library is easy! Here’s how to add music to video online and more with Clipchamp:

Step 1: Get signed up

There are no big forms to fill out, you can sign up with an existing Google or Facebook account, or simply use your email and choose a password:

Sign up to Clipchamp

Step 2: Finding stock audio in Clipchamp

Once you’ve set up a project and added your video, great audio is just a few clicks away. First, you’ll need to click ‘Add Media’:

Add media to video project

Then select ‘Browse library’:

Browse media library

And once the library opens, choose ‘AUDIO’:

Choosing stock audio in Clipchamp

Step 3: Exploring the audio library

As you can see, there are three broad audio categories for you to choose from: music, loop, and SFX. Under each of those categories you’ll find a variety of collections to explore:

SFX collection on Clipchamp

Within those collections, just hover your cursor over any clip to hear it:

Previewing stock audio in Clipchamp

Step 4: Choose sound effects or add music to video online

To add an audio clip to your project, click the cross in the upper left, like so:

Add audio to online video project

Then drag the audio file down to the timeline and it will be added to your video:

Add music to video online

You can trim the file to fit the length of the video or, if it’s a short loop, add it multiple times to effectively stretch it out:

Multiple audio files added

You can also add more than one audio file to create a richer soundscape. For example, you could include atmospheric noise and sound effects, and also add background music to videos including a fading in and fading out effect.

Step 5: Finding the right balance

If you’ve added more than one audio track, you’ll probably want to adjust the volume of each to get a good balance. This is easy to do – if you click on an audio track a menu will pop up where you can adjust the volume:

Adjust volume of stock audio

Once you’re happy with how your video is looking and sounding, just hit the Export video button to save the file to your computer!

export the finished video

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