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How to Create a 2020 Video Wrap Up for Your Business

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How to Create a 2020 Video Wrap Up for Your Business

2020 might not have panned out as you’d expected. No person or business could have predicted how much our way of life, let alone businesses would need to be adapted to cope with a global pandemic. We’ve learned to adjust to a ‘new normal’ as society and businesses look to the future. 

If you’ve ever made a year in review marketing video (while this year’s highlight reel might look a little different to previous years), it’s also a great chance to show how your business has adapted to change and become more resilient, agile and innovative. 

If this is the first wrap up video for your business, then you’re on the right track—you might have heard it here before, but video marketing is what 2020 and beyond is all about. 

In this blog, we’ll brush up on what a video wrap up is, go over the benefits of video marketing, plus tips on what to include in your video and of course, how to create it!


Wait, what’s a video wrap up?

Think of a video wrap up as a time-capsule of the year that was. Commonly referred to as ‘wrap-up video’ or ‘year in review’, the goal of the video is to show the highlights and successes of the year. What small or big wins did the business have? In 2020, maybe you upgraded your online store and explored new ways to connect with your audience and your community, digitally… Did you host any webinars or online events? 

2020 remote working

Your video could take the form of a 60-second montage of still images made into a slideshow, or a selection of video highlights edited into a video montage. It could be outtakes from your recorded Zoom, Teams or Hangouts meetings or presentations? Ask yourself, what worked this year, what didn’t? Celebrate the things that worked and what you learnt. 

Psst… check out these Remote Video Success Stories, as brands found ways to work into our new routines with at-home fitness workouts, virtual wine tastings and even gaming for a good cause! 

The humblebrag is kind of an art form. Here are some of the big brands getting it right.


Spotify customizes a year in review for every individual user. 


Google tells us what we’re all searching for.

What are the benefits of a video wrap up?

We all know how important video marketing is, especially in the virtually connected, work-from-home year 2020 has been. 

Hubspot’s new data on video marketing 2020 reports “92% of marketers who use video say that it's an important part of their marketing strategy — the highest percentage of any year since 2015.” Also, 72% of customers would rather learn about a product or service by way of video.

It’s no surprise then that creating a fun video for your business, be it corporate or creative, is going to be a much better way to communicate what you’ve accomplished in the past year as opposed to an infographic or text-heavy report.

What to include in a video wrap up

The kind of wrap up video you create—whether it’s funny, heartfelt, inspiring, tongue-in-cheek, or all of the above—helps to create a message about your business, company or brand beliefs and culture. It also might be an opportunity to express to your audience how you’re working towards achieving your goals or living up to your core values. 

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride

The Distinguished Gentleman's Ride updates how much money they’ve raised since inception, and an overview of the cities the event took place in the past year.

Another popular way to use a wrap up video is to wax lyrical about how awesome your business is to work for, as in a way of promoting workplace culture, and act as a lead for talent recruitment if you’re looking to build your team. Making your business or company a renowned place to work and building a reputation as a leader in your industry.


Salesforce gets it done.

How to create a 2020 video wrap up for your business

Now that you’ve got a few ideas about what you might include in your 2020 wrap up video, you can use Clipchamp to create your own video, or browse our 2020 wrap up video templates and select a template that speaks to your brand message. You can then customize it and make it your own by adding logos, swapping in your own footage, changing the background music and tailoring the text overlays. 

Whether you’re starting from scratch or tailoring a template, here’s some tips to get started:

  • First, spend a bit of time figuring out the message you want to convey and the key highlights of the year—perhaps select a moment, milestone or memory from each month of the year and use a calendar timeline to help storyboard your video.

  • Consider what size and format you’ll make the video, bearing in mind you may need to create a few different sizes or edit the video to best suit the social media platform you want to share the video across. 

2020 video wrap up templates

There's only so much time left in the year, so our team has created some timesaving templates to get your wrap up videos finished fast. Start here and your projects could take just minutes to finish. Make sure you also check out our Happy New Year stock for all of your NYE content needs.

Let's wrap this up

Even if this wrap up video is the first video you’ve ever created, that’s okay! With Clipchamp you can easily create videos with no experience needed! All you need is a passion to share what your business can offer, and we’ll help you bring it to life with the power of video!

And, when we say video marketing is everything we mean it—we’ve been developing our online video editor since 2014, and with over 12 million users around the world, we can’t help but think we’re onto something! 

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Written by Rachel Surgeoner on December 2, 2020
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Rachel Surgeoner is a lifestyle writer and good food enthusiast. When not researching the latest video and social media trends for Clipchamp, you'll find her either in the kitchen whipping up a batch of homemade pasta or tending to the backyard veggie patch.

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