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Our Top 5 Branding Tips for Mobile Videos

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Our Top Branding Tips for Mobile Videos

The mobile video boom of recent years has worked wonders to boost small businesses’ advertising opportunities, but even the most positive trends can have a downside. Today, with so much video on our smartphone screens, there’s a constant battle between brands to capture viewers’ attention. Many are left wondering: is it even possible to stand out in less than 15 seconds? 

Before you get too cynical, the answer is yes. The how? It’s good branding. By effectively and consistently communicating your identity to viewers, you’re going to be noticed and remembered. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing the top five ways you can use branding to make your mobile videos stand out.

McDonalds ads just wouldn’t be the same without their iconic golden arches, and an Apple video without its namesake fruit? Forget about it. Logos make an instant visual impression in the limited time frame mobile videos get. Importantly, our brains process images 60,000 times faster than words, meaning your logo might be the main takeaway your viewers have. 

Make sure your videos show your logo prominently. Take a look at how strong Apple’s logo advertising is in the video below.

2. Curate a colour palette

Colour is another key element of good branding – think of Cadbury’s iconic purple or Barbie’s signature pink. Brands with a signature colour palette never fail to incorporate this into their mobile video advertising, and with good reason – a signature colour can increase brand recognition by 80%.  You can use these colour scheme generators when creating a colour palette for your videos.

When creating your own mobile videos, stick to a simple and strong colour palette every time. With enough consistency, your colours could become your signature. A handy tool which generates colour shades can also be used to mix and match the color you are using for your videos.

Branding mobile video colour palette

3. Find your font 

Fonts are a huge element of your branding. As an example, The Times’ iconic Times New Roman font is forever associated with the publication. Interestingly, the font was commissioned by The Times after concerns were raised about its former fonts’ legibility.  So, as well as communicating an aesthetic, fonts are also vital to functionality. If your brand is edgy or art-oriented, you can consider using a tattoo font. If your brand is a service, you can consider using a more serious and multi-purpose corporate font.This is especially relevant for mobile videos, where titles and captions need to be readable on a small mobile screen. 

When it comes to your mobile videos, we recommend selecting (and sticking to) a font that matches your brand look while also clearly communicating with your viewers. 

Branding mobile video font

4. Speak up (in your brand voice)

Every brand that excels at mobile video has one thing in common: a great brand voice. This persona sets the tone for how you communicate with your viewers and how they connect with your brand. A brand voice can range widely – from the comedic tone of Dollar Shave Club to the motivational mood of Nike.

We recommend developing your own unique brand voice to use in your mobile videos. To find it, define who your audience is, how they see your brand and what kind of communication would resonate with them. Watch an example from Dollar Shave Club below.

5. Bring it all together with intros and outros

The above tips can all be combined in two spots – your intro and outro. By adding a few seconds of brand-focused content to either side of your video when editing, you can neatly package it in a way that makes it memorable! Check out the example from Australian cosmetics company Mecca below

Our insider advice – intros don't always need to appear as bold statements at the very beginning of your video, a lot of brands choose a softer approach. Some show footage from the video first to captivate viewers, then the branded intro a few seconds in. Alternatively, others opt to forgo the traditional intro altogether in favour of a watermark overlay. Check out a subtler example from Mecca Cosmetica below.

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