Articles by Sören Balko

How to stream legacy video formats on your website with the (reverse) Clipchamp API

July 25, 2017
This blog post is about how to use the Clipchamp API in reverse. We show you how…

Why WebRTC-based webcam recorders are a terrible idea

February 2, 2017
Thanks to WebRTC, it has never been easier to build reliable video conferencing services…

Introducing the Clipchamp API Reverse Proxy

November 21, 2016
In this blog post, we introduce our latest feature addition: a DNS-based reverse…

How to play back MJPEG, animated GIF, and MP4 video on Websites

February 26, 2015
Playing back video files on websites is a common desire for many Clipchamp users…

Faulty Chrome extensions vs clipchamp

February 24, 2015
Update (25-Feb-2015): We have rolled out a first patch that helps detect problems of…

Decent performance (finally) coming to Internet Explorer

February 20, 2015
As a Web startup, we have some sort of love-hate relationship with Microsoft’s Internet…

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