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Posted November 15, 2017
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This WordPress plugin and the API product it was based on are both discontinued.


Introducing the Clipchamp video recorder for WordPress

Among Clipchamp’s suite of video tech products is the Video Uploader & Webcam Recorder plugin for WordPress. With the plugin, any site admin can embed a video recorder on any WordPress based blog or website. Not only does the plugin allow for the recording and submitting of video using any desktop or mobile device, but it also provides a front-end video uploader so users can submit their pre-recorded videos.

You can insert as many recording buttons into as many posts and pages as you like by simply adding the [ clipchamp ] shortcode into the body of the page. You can embed more than one button in the same post and choose a different upload destination for each button, e.g. a different Google Drive folder per post that includes a video recorder widget.

Clipchamp video API in action

Our video capture plugin for WordPress is based on the Clipchamp video API which provides a video recorder and front end video uploader that can be used on any site. The plugin was developed to provide access to the API’s capabilities in WordPress posts and pages without the need for any technical knowledge or coding skills. It also does not require any technologies like Flash, WebRTC or a streaming-server in order to use it.

The plugin automatically converts submitted videos into one standard, modern format before uploading them (eg. MP4). It also automatically compresses the videos on the client-side (at little or no visible quality loss) for much faster video uploading and sharing. This means you won’t have to set up any server-side video transcoding, dramatically lowering your setup and maintenance costs.

Test the Clipchamp recorder here

Below is a sample embedded WordPress video recorder and video uploader button. The Clipchamp logo can be removed and all colors, text and logo can be personalised.

Users just have to click the button in order to submit their videos to you. Unlike any other camera plugin provider, videos get directly uploaded from your users’ devices to a Cloud storage destination you choose without going through Clipchamp servers.

All videos you submit through this demo button are uploaded into a Clipchamp cloud storage folder and will get deleted.

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