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Case Study: How Athlete Bill O’Brien Uses Video to Build His Brand 

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Bill O’Brien

Bill O’Brien aka Thrilla is a professional lacrosse player, entrepreneur and creator. He currently plays defense for the Boston Cannons in Major League Lacrosse and, when he’s not celebrating wins on the field, he’s pursuing professional goals through his businesses Thompson Brothers Lacrosse, ASPIRE project, ThrillaNation LLC, and the Apex Nutrition group. 

“I've been a competitor my whole life, from the age of three I started playing ice hockey and from there any sport I could. I'm native American and Irish and am proud of my Onondaga and Irish blood. Lacrosse is originally a native American religious ceremony for the Iroqouis - so having the opportunity to play the game at the highest level is truly special.”


Build a personal brand

For Bill, social media offers an awesome opportunity to share glimpses of his athletic life – content that inspires the next generation to go after their dreams. At the same time, it’s an essential part of his success as an athlete and an entrepreneur. 

Now more than ever, social media platforms like TikTok, Instagram and YouTube are being used by athletes to build their brand. There’s potential, not only for the individual success of an athlete, but the wider success of their sport. Take the NBA for example, it wasn’t always the powerhouse league it is today. In fact, until the 1980s drew the spotlight to star players like Michael Jordan, it was struggling to sustain an audience. Now, it’s a content marketing powerhouse.

“Building a personal brand is important for athletes these days, especially lacrosse players. Each new interaction we create we can help broaden the reach of our game - social media is essentially the grassroots, guerilla marketing approach for lacrosse by its athletes.” 


Create videos with Clipchamp

An athlete’s personal brand can be built in many ways – pictures, blog posts, brand endorsements, the list goes on. However, nothing creates a connection like video. Bill knows this, and that’s why the majority of his personal brand building is done this way. He also believes video is a medium that gives creators more freedom to curate their message.

"People say a picture says a thousand words. I believe video is more powerful. Those thousand words that a picture can say are completely in control of the person viewing the picture, whereas the creator of a video can cultivate a message and share the 1,000 words they want with the audience."

Clipchamp editor


Flexible, professional editing

Bill has been using Clipchamp to create videos for a few months now and he’s already seeing results. Namely, how he can now work on videos anywhere thanks to our in-browser application.

“Clipchamp is an awesome platform because it allows the creator to have access to full editing capabilities from any laptop worldwide. I am often traveling and cannot always bring my laptop with me, I always have a phone handy and typically I can find a desktop or laptop on the road, as long as I have internet access I can edit my footage, create a cool video and share it with the world.”

 And when he’s out and about living his active lifestyle, Bill switches to Clipchamp mobile. It's simple editing and captioning tools empower him to capture content anywhere from outdoor adventures to game day action. 

“I primarily use the desktop editor because it is fully capable of editing content to my needs. But when I’m on the go, I've used the mobile device for quick videos I want to share with subtitles and have really enjoyed the easy use of both platforms.”

Try it for yourself

You don’t need to be in a Major League to build your personal brand. Start exploring Clipchamp now to see what you can create using your own video content. 

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