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How to boost your sales through social video listening

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Is your business looking to grow its online presence? Try Social video listening. It’s an intelligent way of optimizing your engagement because customer feedback is the greatest tool a business can have! With social media, brands can access raw consumer data in a matter of seconds. 

Consumers have become confident to share their sentiments and pain points using videos across social media platforms. This makes TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter social listening gold mines. TikTok product review videos and Instagram try-on hauls that are highly entertaining and easy to binge-watch could actually give your business insights into what your customers really want.  

Let’s take a look at how your business can utilize social video listening to help satisfy your customers and find new ones, too. 

What is social video listening?

Social video listening gives your brand a unique opportunity to listen, watch, analyze, and respond to conversations shared about your business. Brands can find a broad range of opinions, concerns, and criticisms being shared across various social media platforms. 

Think about it like this: you’re the owner of an activewear brand. Scrolling through TikTok late at night, a review video pops up in your For You Page about your yoga leggings range. 

One customer in the video explains that she loves the yoga range as they’re high-waisted and extremely breathable. Her friend who also is featured in the clip agrees with her but adds she isn’t too fond of the color range. She would prefer a more neutral option like beige. 

Now you start to wonder if other customers feel the same way about your yoga range and start frantically searching for other social media reviews. You start to listen to your consumers. 

Based on the video evidence you’ve found, you can alter your products to suit customer desires. Social video listening gives your brand an insight into customers’ thoughts and needs like no other. It’s an excellent tool for all businesses to tap into a wide range of demographics across any social media platform. 

If you’re selling activewear for females aged between 25-29, 93% of people prefer YouTube, making YouTube the best platform to market on. If you’re marketing to a younger audience, Snapchat might be the best option with 73% of 18-24 year-olds using the app. 

US social platform use

Source: Marketing Charts

Businesses traditionally seek out the sentiment by conducting keyword searches and marketing automation software. But these methods risk decision-makers missing out on valuable information broadcast via video. Traditional social listening methods are soon to be outdated due to the success of the social media platform, TikTok

What makes social video listening different from social listening?

Social listening

Social listening collects specific data topics like the brand, entire industry, prospective talking points from social platforms and forums. The data collected is then analyzed to magnify the trends and useful insights to help optimize business operations, product updates, and advertising approaches. Social listening might be an easy process for some, but it can be difficult to provide comprehensive and actionable insights. 

Social video listening

Online video content has exponentially grown in popularity over the past five years. TikTok’s now one of the most popular video-sharing apps and is estimated to have three times more brand mentions via video rather than through text. 

Global internet video traffic

Source: Vox

Social media is making it extremely easy for your business to optimize its social video listening. Through the power of video, businesses can search a keyword and thousands of videos will appear in seconds full with customer feedback. 

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Social video listening examples

1. United Airlines

“The only thing worse than being talked about was not being talked about”, said Oscar Wilde. He, unfortunately, didn’t see the footage of United Airlines forcibly removing a passenger from an overbooked plane back in 2017. The viral video turned into a PR disaster. The immediate aftermath sent shares in the company tumbling by as much as $1 billion

Video feedback can make or break your business in a couple of minutes. This incident proves how important it is for companies to immediately address the concerns of their customers. Making sure to do so well before the negative publicity comes to light. Fast reaction time is important when it comes to efficient social video listening.

2. Live-streamed videos

Negative videos regarding customer service can be present online or even streamed live via video platforms like Twitch. It’s now extremely fast for negative feedback to spread around the internet in a matter of minutes. Especially if the customer has a large online following. 

2. Live-streamed videos

Source: Twitter

How to avoid negative videos from going viral?

It’s extremely important to implement social listening to understand the pain points your customers are experiencing. Conduct video searches within your industry to monitor mentions and sentiments towards your brand. 

Where possible, engage with your customers. You might not be able to give customers an instant resolution, but it will show a wider audience that you’re listening to their concerns and are empathetic towards their issues. 

Remember to observe the reaction of your prospective customers towards your marketing campaigns. Whether you’re launching a multimedia campaign or are simply announcing a new service, observing the reception you receive can help shape your future approaches. 

Keep a close eye on your competitors

Social listening via video content isn’t just to monitor what your consumers think about your brand. You can keep up with the movements of our competitors too. Monitoring video campaigns and feedback of your competitors can seek to outmaneuver them when formulating your own ads, and generate new ways to engage with your audience. 

Keep a close eye on your competitors

Source: Starbucks Instagram

Here, we can see how Starbucks has used an influencer campaign to promote its new product. Video-based content is extremely popular. So incorporating social video listening into your marketing strategy can be an essential way of keeping up with your industry competitors. 

You also can read the comments section of competitor posts. See what viewers think of the campaign and if they respond positively or negatively. Marketers can access readily curated comments based on the number of ‘likes’ they attract, making it an excellent way to gauge sentiments. 

The value businesses attribute to video content has skyrocketed over the past two years, going from $16 billion to $61 billion. The minutes spent consuming online video content have also climbed to 100-minutes per day from 16-minutes. 

Video marketing statistics ad spending forecast

Source: Smart Insights

Social video listening tools

So how can social video listening successfully be conducted if a video is far less keyword-friendly? Let’s find out. 

Analog approaches to social listening can revolve around keyword searching existing content. Social media gives consumers a platform to engage with their much-loved brands, leaving businesses with countless comments and feedback responses on their posts. But reading every comment, direct message, or Story mention can become quite a time-consuming task. 

1. Talkwalker

Brands can track their mentions through many different online tools like Talkwalker. Talkwalker brings a level of efficiency to your social video listening practice. The online platform has developed a video recognition tool that uses AI algorithms to detect when your brand’s logo is featured in video posts. 

2. ViralStat

Analyzing the engagement of the videos your brand is featured in can easily be monitored with the online tool, ViralStat. You can even check out video marketing campaigns of your industry competitors. The tool alerts you whenever a video is shared online that includes your brand name and shares interactions with the viral content.

3. Analytics tools

Analytic tools like Google Analytics and Finteza can help track the effectiveness of your interactions while finding insights into the engagements that your strategy is yielding. 

3. Analytics tools

Ready to get started with social video listening?

Easily optimize your brand’s engagement and boost potential sales with the help of social video listening. Good luck!

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