Buncee offers video recording to students and teachers thanks to Clipchamp’s HTML5 Camera API

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All in all, the Clipchamp API is trouble-free, which continues to make our students and teachers happy. We’re thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from our users because of this feature; which, in itself, is solid proof that Clipchamp was the right solution for our needs.

Eda Gimenez, Director of Business Development at Buncee

Our goal at Buncee is to build a creation platform that helps train students to easily engage in, visualize, and take ownership of their learning – to really help them learn how to conceptualize and communicate messages to an audience in order to help students become future-ready.

Inspiring and enabling students’ voices through video

At the heart of all that, our ambition is to help inspire and enable student voice in the classroom. However, while our tool offers a multitude of features that help to support our goal of enabling student voice, we lacked one critical feature: the ability for students to record their own video.

This ability was one of our top feature requests as users felt that it gave students and teachers a personal touch to their creations. With video recording, users felt they could really make learning authentic.

In the past, to add videos onto Buncee, users would have to record their own videos using other tools, such as their phones or their own cameras, and then upload those videos to YouTube; which they would then insert into their own Buncee creations.

Naturally, this process was tedious and so we considered making this process easier and thought – should we build this feature in-house or are we better off integrating with video service providers? We soon found out that none of the two routes were feasible for us.

Building our own video recording feature would come with many difficulties. Transcoding videos and uploading issues over low bandwidth would be cumbersome; moreover, we also learned that the privacy policies of the services we evaluated at the time weren’t adhering to the strict COPPA student privacy policies we abide by. As a consequence, we couldn’t give users this feature.

Several months later, we had the fortune of learning about Clipchamp from Alex Dreiling, the CEO, during our time at the ISTE 2016 Conference in Colorado. Upon meeting him, we learned in more detail about their team and the benefit of Clipchamp’s HTML5 camera API and its unique feature set, which completely motivated us to move forward with an integration!

Introducing Clipchamp’s HTML5 camera API into Buncee’s platform

Here are our reasons:

  1. Clipchamp’s HTML5 camera API allows users to easily record videos and upload them directly to cloud storage. This meant a no-hassle, seamless video recording experience for both our users and for our team. With Clipchamp’s JS video recorder, our users no longer have to go through the inconvenience of recording, uploading, and importing their videos onto our tool. Rather, they can just create and re-record their videos directly on our canvas as Clipchamp also compresses and saves the user generated video on our behalf. In turn, integrating with Clipchamp’s API was a no-brainer – it was both a very cost and time efficient solution for our needs.

  2. Clipchamp can help to comply with COPPA. We were thrilled to learn that using Clipchamp, we didn’t have to transfer user data to a 3rd party for processing. This helps Buncee to comply with laws like COPPA. At Buncee, we want parents, teachers and students to feel comfortable and safe when using our product and Clipchamp allows us to do just that.Clipchamp ensures that user generated videos are never shared with any third-party service. For us, this is critical as our integration with Clipchamp ensures that students are able to properly explore, learn, communicate, and collaborate online within a safe environment.

  3. Implementation of Clipchamp’s HTML5 camera API was very easy and their customer support is excellent. The API documentation was very clear and any technical questions were promptly resolved by the Clipchamp support team. We really appreciated their sincere responses.

  4. Their recording panel was customizable. On top of their excellent and reliable customer support, we loved the ability to customize the record panel to comply with our branding. This was just an awesome touch as it made sure that the new recording feature was consistent with our design and marketing needs.

All in all, the Clipchamp API is trouble-free, which continues to make our students and teachers happy. We’re thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from our users because of this feature; which, in itself, is solid proof that Clipchamp’s HTML5 camera API was the right solution for our needs.

More importantly, our goal is to help give students a voice and now our partnership with Clipchamp allows students and educators to bring a new method of learning into their classroom. Buncee thrives for classrooms to continue to be creative and collaborating with Clipchamp has provided just that.

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