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Video Compression

Clipchamp & Vimeo – Making Recording and Uploading Videos Easier Than Ever


Clipchamp is happy to announce its integration partnership with Vimeo – a step that is making it easier for anyone to get videos onto the Vimeo platform much faster than ever before.

As introduced at NAB 2016, Vimeo users can use Clipchamp’s unique video recording, transcoding and uploading service to process their video files and upload them straight to their Vimeo account through Clipchamp.

The clever bit is that Clipchamp built the world’s first browser-based, user-side video compression and conversion technology – which brings the benefit of much faster upload times compared to a direct file upload as Clipchamp compresses videos at no visible quality loss before they get uploaded.

All this happens on the user’s computer inside the browser. As a result, the technology provides web-based video uploads up to 20 times faster than traditional uploads.

Additionally, in terms of privacy, all videos get processed on the user’s computer and never uploaded to or routed through Clipchamp servers.

Combined with the technology being pure HTML5, Clipchamp’s service is the only online video recording, compression and conversion technology in the market that is thus private by design.

The Vimeo platform allows users to publish their video content to the Vimeo library for anyone to view – partnering with Clipchamp now makes it easier than ever for anyone to record and upload content whilst also reducing upload times.

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