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How to Convert Videos to WMV on Mac For Free

Posted September 17, 2016
Written by Tobi Raub
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tl;dr – 

Clipchamp lets you convert to WMV on Mac computers without needing to install any software, buy any plugins or upload your files to an online video converter. It’s free to use for up to 5 videos per month and works with files of all sizes.

The longer read

If you work for an agency that is offering video and other digital services to clients, you’ll probably get the occasional customer who insists on receiving their video assets in a particular format.

Depending on the IT environment of the client, this could very well be the Microsoft proprietary WMV format, which can be hard to obtain if you’re on a Mac.

Especially if your customer is working in government or a larger corporation that is slow to upgrade their computing infrastructure and even though newer versions of MS Office and other Microsoft applications all work reliably with MP4 video, there are still plenty of older versions of Windows, Internet Explorer and Office out there.

The problem is that these older versions can be very picky when it comes to video codecs – refusing to play or even recognise a file if it’s not WMV or if a required codec is not installed.


As many agencies run almost exclusively on Macs, converting videos to WMV quickly can either become cumbersome or costly or both as default programs such as QuickTime and iMovie don’t offer WMV or ASF as exporting options out of the box.

There are downloadable and online video converters for Mac that specifically advertise their WMV conversion capabilities, however they often cost substantial amounts of $, are more involved to use, and need to be downloaded, installed and kept up-to-date. Existing online alternatives come with input file size restrictions and can take forever to upload, process and download your videos.

To address these shortcomings, our team at Clipchamp built a better alternative to convert to WMV on Mac. Our online video converter (free for up to 5 videos per month) runs inside the browser like an online app but actually processes video files on your computer without slowly uploading them to us – it’s a bit like a hybrid between an installable piece of software and a web app. This means that Clipchamp protects your videos as they remain on your computer and don’t get uploaded to us while they get converted.

It also means that your WMV files are available instantly as soon as the processing is finished. You can save them to your computer and share them with your clients. Clipchamp works in all modern browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) on Mac, Windows, Linux and Chromebooks.

After registering an account on Clipchamp, all you have to do is select the “best for Windows” output option and you’ll get WMV videos (WMA audio) in an ASF container format that are guaranteed to work in Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 including any version of Microsoft Office from 2003 onward.

Here is how to convert videos to WMV on Mac

The current version of Clipchamp has a slightly updated layout though the steps are the same as described below.

1) Create a free account at, then select the “Convert my videos” option on your Clipchamp home page


2) After selecting an input video, choose the “Windows” option from this drop-down menu

This will ensure that you’re in fact converting the video to WMV (video codec) and WMA (audio codec). The output format will be ASF.


3) Make changes to the output resolution as well as the quality/compression/file size settings if you like (or leave the default options)


4) Hit the Start button and wait for your input video to get converted to WMV


5) Lastly, save and/or share the WMV file as soon as the video conversion is done

Now you can either share/upload it to Google Drive, Vimeo, Facebook or YouTube or save it to your computer, the choice is yours.


That’s how easy it is to obtain a Windows video on a MacOS computer 🙂

By the way, our online video converter is also protecting your privacy as we never upload your videos to our servers for processing. They remain on your computer at all times until you decide to share them online.

Please note – if you’re converting to WMV on Mac and want to save the output video locally, its file extension might get shown as .bin. If that happens, just rename it to .asf and it will get recognised without problems by any Windows device.

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