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How to easily edit videos online for free

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edit videos online for free

Do you need to edit videos and would like to do it online for free rather than installing an editing program on your computer? You don’t have to be an expert in video editing to make your project look professional.

While programs like Adobe Premier Pro or After Effects provide sophisticated video editing tools, they certainly aren’t free. You also need to be tech-savvy and have a lot of time on your hands to render and export your final production.

There are other simpler platforms online that require you to upload and download your files to their server, which can be a lengthy process if your files are large, and can be unsafe if you are worried about the privacy of your videos.

So how can you quickly and easily edit videos without installing and learning how to use complex software or uploading your videos to an online service?

Here’s the solution

Clipchamp allows you to edit your video files without the downsides of installed apps or traditional online providers. The unique difference to all others is that all videos are processed in the browser and never leave your computer, so you know that your files are safe.

You don’t need to download any software, or wait hours for your videos to upload or download from a server. Just go to to start editing your videos online for free. The tool lets you trim, crop, rotate, flip and adjust the saturation, brightness and contrast of your videos, without needing any technical skills or prior video expertise.

Edit videos online for free

You can edit existing videos, or use the Clipchamp video recorder to create a new one using your webcam or mobile camera. Simply drag and drop your existing video, or click the Record button to record a clip with your webcam.

From there, you can choose from an array of editing options to transform your video.  Click the Edit Video button under your video to get started.

edit videos online for free

Trim your video

If you need to shorten your video length, you can easily trim it by sliding the markers inwards to the time you want your video to start and end.

edit video online free

Crop your video

If you need to resize your video you can crop its edges to the dimensions you need by dragging the boarders inwards.

edit video online free

Rotate your video

If you accidentally recorded your video sideways or upside down you can rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise to turn the image the right way up.

edit video online free

Flip your video

If you’ve recorded a selfie with your webcam or front camera on your phone and it’s the wrong way around, you can flip your video back the right way around using the horizontal or vertical flip tool.

edit video online free

Adjust your video

Lastly, if you’re filming in different lighting conditions, you can make your video look consistent and professional by adjusting the saturation, contrast and brightness.

edit videos online free

The Clipchamp video editor makes video cutting straight-forward. In addition, you can also use our additional video tools to compress and convert videos for fast and easy uploads or simply save edited files back to your computer.

Millions of users around the world are editing their videos with Clipchamp already, simply create a free account and start editing today.

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