Educare Collects User Videos, Saves on Server-Side Transcoding Resources through Clipchamp’s HTML5 Camera API

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Educare Co-operative Limited is a co-operative of the Singapore Teachers’ Union, set up in 2004 with the mission to shape destinies through their core services. Educare aims to serve teachers and schools in order to enhance the quality of teaching and the quality of their teachers’ lives – both professionally and socially.

Educare is powered by their main business offerings which include human resource solutions, learning technology, professional development, and education consultancy services.

Clipchamp spoke to** Goverdhana Reddy, Senior Application Developer at Educare Co-operative Limited to hear his thoughts on the ClipchampHTML5 Camera API**

Educare’s Senior Application Developer said the company was originally inspired to use Clipchamp as they were interested in utilising a flexible video converter, compression and transcoding service to improve their portal users’ experience.

Client-side compression reduces transcoding complexity

“The reason we have started using their API is to give our portal users more flexibility to compress video before uploading to our servers and play the video in HTML5 format, and also to avoid server side transcoding which requires a lot of server resources to process the video,” he said.

In terms of implementation, Educare said that the video API “… was very easy to implement as the documentation in the Clipchamp portal was clear”.

When asked what exact issues the Clipchamp API solves for his organisation, Mr. Goverdhana Reddy stated that it helps streamline the entire video recording, transcoding and downloading process by “converting all kinds of formats into MP4 with proper video compression technique”.

Branding and localizing the HTML5 Camera API

Finally, he stated that the feature Educare found most important to their business was the “branding to the upload panel as per our portal theme” which is useful in establishing brand awareness and credibility.

“Also, as our projects are mainly from other countries, the localization and multi-language options feature of the Clipchamp API helped a lot.”

The Educare senior developer rounded out the interview by saying that “… we really appreciated the Clipchamp team’s support and their responding to our queries quickly and helping with technical issues on time”.


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