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How artists can use Instagram videos to build their brand 

Posted July 27, 2021
Written by Gladys Labsan
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If you’re an artist, there are some Instagram trends you definitely need to know about. Instagram has become a social media platform that's helping artists connect with buyers across the globe, launching careers and generating new leads. 

How artists can use Instagram to build their brand

So how can artists turn their Instagram into another avenue to build their brand? Here are some tips on how to create a brand and how to get more followers on Instagram.

Start with the basics—Instagram Reels and Stories

Make each post count. Quality over quantity right? Posting images on Instagram comes natural to artists, but get creative and take advantage of Instagram Reels and Stories. 

Instagram Reels are 30-second long snippet videos that can help raise awareness and grow your presence online. If your goal is to find a new audience and gain new Instagram followers, Instagram Reels are highly recommended. They show up on a dedicated Reels tab on your profile, on your feed, and get shared on the explore section as a suggestion to other users.

Stories, on the other hand, are 15 seconds long, but you can post multiple 15-second videos or image slideshows throughout the day. These are great for boosting engagement and marketing. Stories are only visible to your existing followers and are only available to view for 24 hours.

Keep in mind that your posts should be 80% entertaining and only 20% promotional. Remember, the key to building your brand is to inspire engagement and build relationships.

4 video ideas for artists on Instagram

Successfully building your artist profile and brand all comes down to how engaged your followers are. 

Your Instagram profile is an extension of your creativity and professionality, so make sure to always post high-quality videos. Followers will engage with content that gives off a creative vibe. 

To help you get started, we’ve collected 4 video ideas that can improve your Instagram account to get more followers.

1. Works in progress

Everyone loves watching a time-lapse video of something being made and worked on. Whether it’s an artwork in progress or the cleanup process, they’re both satisfying to watch. 

Many ecommerce business owners who just get started with their online store post updates about how things are going. They share short clips of how wholeheartedly they are working behind the virtual store you are going to see. This style of video will prove you’re the genius behind it all, but it will also is inspiring and informative for your target audience. Time-lapse videos will take your audience on a ride as they watch a masterpiece emerge from a blank canvas.

2. Studio tour

Why not show your followers an insight into your workspace and creative area. They’re most likely curious to see where you create your masterpieces and probably a little nosey. 

All you need to do is take a short video of your studio, workspace or even just your work table. Share a few interesting tidbits about it and how your space helps you with your creations. Tips and hacks are also a great way to connect with your audience and share personal experiences about making your workspace more convenient. 

3. Newfound inspiration

Show your followers how you create your designs and what inspires you. 

You don’t have to give away any inside scoop secrets. Take a short video displaying a piece of art that you have created or are in the process of creating, then film what inspired you. This can be anywhere from a gorgeous beachfront, your fruit bowl or even the birds chirping outside. This is a great way to build excitement and to invite users to comment with their opinions and suggestions.

4. Exhibits and art shows

Many of your followers will most likely not live in the same city or even country as you. Therefore they won’t be able to visit your art show or exhibit, giving them major FOMO (fear of missing out). 

Solution? Make your exhibit virtual. Film the process of setting up your exhibit and the opening night. Sharing your artwork in a real-life display will connect your audience with your brand even further.

This video also doesn’t have to be your exhibit. Visiting a friend’s exhibit or an artist you idolize, and posting a video about it, will show users that you’re active and very much involved in the art industry.

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More easy tips to stand out on Instagram

1. Use Instagram art tags

If you’re active on Instagram, you’ve heard of hashtags. But do you actually know how to use them properly? 

You don’t have to use 30 hashtags on every post. Keep them minimal in the description box. If you want to add more, share them in a comment. 

Take a look at what hashtags your competitors are using. They’re probably relevant to your brand as well. Put yourself in the shoes of your fans and customers. What word or phrase would you type into a search bar to find artworks that you’re interested in? 

General tags like #art, #artwork, #wip, or #workinprogress are great to use, or you can choose something more specific to the type of art you create like #digitalart, #abstractart, #portraitpainting, and more. You can also check out the hashtags that users you follow use in their posts for inspiration

Instagram art tags

2. Create a dedicated Instagram account and complete your profile

Instead of using your personal account, start a new account with your brand name, spell it as it is. Fancy spellings and special characters will only confuse people who may want to find you online. If this is your second account, add the word “artist” or “art” after your name to help users identify which is which.

Your bio is the only place you can add a link, so add one to your website or online portfolio or consider getting a Linkinbio mini-website. Put a brief description about yourself and the type of art that you do.

3. Follow the right Instagram art profiles

One of the easiest ways to gain Instagram followers is by following people in the art community. Creative disciplines such as design, art and fashion have passionate and influential users. When you follow someone, they’re most likely to check your profile and, hopefully, follow you back. Especially if they find your work interesting.

Whenever you like a post or follow someone, Instagram automatically sees a trend and will start suggesting users who fall under the same community as you, those you follow, and the kind of posts you like. 

You can access this list of suggested users by going to your profile and clicking on the Following section at the top right of your screen. Once there, scroll down until you see the “Suggestions for you” section where you will see Instagram’s recommendations.

4. Invite people in your contact list

The majority of your connections in the art industry will have Instagram accounts. Don’t forget about linking your existing phone contacts with your business Instagram account. They already love your artwork, so they will be likely to follow your account once they know about it.  

To find your contacts on Instagram, go to your profile and click on the menu icon at the top right corner of your screen. Click on settings and click on “Discover People”. If prompted, click on “Allow Access” and Instagram’s built-in contact-finding feature will scan your phone contacts for people who are already Instagram users.

5. Don't just browse—like, comment, and reply too

Having an online presence makes it easier for potential customers to reach out to you. If you’re active on your Instagram page, fans and potential leads will see your interactions. 

Make sure to like posts from your followers. Leave a positive comment and show them support, like they’re showing you. 

If someone comments on your post, respond by liking their comment or replying to say thanks. If someone asks a question, answer it. If you don’t have an answer, say so. It’s better than just ignoring comments, especially if there are just a few of them.

Just make sure to click on the “reply” option or use the “@” symbol to tag users in your comment. This way, they will be notified and aware that you responded. 

The more engagement you have with your followers on your posts, the more Instagram will recognise your profile to be reputable. You would be surprised at how many people will want to follow you because you’re reachable and responsive.

Ready to take your Instagram art profile to the next level?

Make your Instagram worth visiting and following and be consistent with your activity to get your presence noticed. Keep the creative juices flowing and share them with your followers. Before you know it, Instagram users will be hooked to your videos and traffic will come via word-of-mouth. 

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