Video Compression

How to Compress a Video

Posted July 27, 2015
Written by Tobi Raub
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Clipchamp Utilities and video compression has been discontinued in 2021. But no worries. Our free video editor is still fully equipped with professional and easy editing features you could use to take your videos to the next level. It lets you trim, cut, control speed, add captions and titles, create and insert GIFs, add stock media, voiceovers, green screen effects, and more. Try Clipchamp free online video editor now.

One of the main aspects our users like about Clipchamp is that it lets them compress videos to much lower file sizes without a reduction in visible quality. By compressing your videos, you can reduce disk space.

This is very handy for anyone wanting to upload videos (SD, HD, Full HD) to YouTube and other video sharing services as well as people wanting to shrink video files to send them via email, share them through Dropbox or simply wanting to save some disk space.


In addition and to counter the shortcomings of many existing online solutions such as input file size restrictions or upload limits, we designed Clipchamp without any uploading or other limitations involved.

Even though our video compression app runs inside the web browser on laptop and desktop computers, video files don’t get processed online – eliminating slow uploads of the input file. Rather, it’s the CPU of the computer that Clipchamp is used on that processes the video – like an installed application – but without having to install anything as it runs inside the browser like a website does.


This merging of cloud-based and installed software is possible due to the latest in in-browser technologies that we employ behind the scenes. The compressor works best in Chrome but also functions well in Firefox, Safari and Edge.

As you would expect, there are other, more elaborate alternatives out there. However they are also much more complex and require a much deeper understanding of digital video technology and its plethora of parameters to tweak to compress your videos. Clipchamp simplifies the process substantially and can be used by anyone right away.

You’re in good company

Millions of people around the world are using Clipchamp and “shrinking video file sizes” is one of the main reasons they do. If you have a large video file that you want to compress, give our app a try (it’s free) and see if it works for you as well.

Here is a quick tutorial for compressing videos with Clipchamp:

Go to and select an input file

(the screenshots below are from our classic site, the process is even easier on our newly updated site)

You can also record a webcam clip or pick an input video from Google Drive.


Choose an output setting that suits your needs

For instance, Web 720p works well if your input file is an HD video that you want to publish on the web.


The settings in the centre of the quality slider won’t take too long to convert/compress your input video and will yield very good output quality. If in doubt, leave the preselected setting and see if you like the resulting video.

Hit the “Convert video!” button, which will start the video compression process


After the processing is done, the finished output video file will appear in section 5) Save & share converted videos

Here you can save it to your computer or directly upload it to YouTube, Facebook, Google Drive or Vimeo.

Enjoy the much shorter upload times of the compressed video files 🙂


Note the size of the compressed video – only 56% of the original.

Let us know if it worked for you in the Comments below or check out our Help Centre if you encountered an issue. Generally, you’ll see the best performance in the latest version of Google Chrome on a Windows or Mac computer.

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