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How To Embed A Video In Tumblr 

Posted March 7, 2017
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*Video compression is now only available to Clipchamp Utilities users.

Tumblr limits the size of video file uploads to 100MB and the length to 5 minutes in total. So how do you get around this issue when you want to upload large video files? Here’s how to embed a video in Tumblr without losing the quality of your file.

Compress your video file

Compressing your video file before uploading it to Tumblr can allow you to embed any video file no matter how large the original size is. Clipchamp’s compress and convert tool can make your video files smaller without diminishing the quality. Here’s how to compress your video files with Clipchamp.

1. Log in or sign up to Clipchamp


You can log in using your Facebook, Google or email accounts.

2. Click Compress and Convert


Select the Convert / Compress button to start compressing your video file.

3. Select or drag and drop your video


Select or drag and drop your video into the box.

4. Select the optimum settings

Click Web or use the drop down menu to select alternative settings. We recommend using the Web settings as it compresses your video down for a fast upload playback speed while still retaining a good quality.


5. Compress your video

Your video will now be compressed and converted for web use! This should only take a minute or less depending on the size of your file and your internet speed.


After you have compressed your video file, you now have 2 options…

1. Save your video

Save your video to your computer so you can upload it later to Tumblr.

2. Alternatively, upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo

Uploading your videos to YouTube or Vimeo first allows you to later share the video in Tumblr easily with an embed code.

Embed a video in Tumblr

You can now go to Tumblr and select your file or use the embed code to upload your video.


Select Upload a Video if you saved your video to your computer, and select the file from your drive. If you uploaded your video to YouTube or Vimeo, select Add video from web and copy and paste your video’s embed code.

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