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How to Quickly Share Video Files with Clients

Posted June 26, 2015
Written by Tobi Raub
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*Video compression is now only available to Clipchamp Utilities users.

If you work in advertising, design or a related creative industry, chances are that you have to frequently share video files with clients over the course of a project.

More often than not the video you’re sharing has to look as close to the original as possible and be technically accurate but doesn’t need to be at the exact quality of the final product – for instance if you’re sharing an intermittent or a web version.

In cases like this, if you regularly export files from the video production suite of your choice and know the ins and outs of digital video, you might know exactly how to tweak some settings to get a good quality file at an acceptable size to upload and share via Wetransfer or Vimeo. If it's a video file that you are requesting from a client, you can use a file request software for faster sharing too.

But what if you’re not a video expert?

Though if you’re not as technically savvy as the video pros in your team and require a file that you can quickly share with a client without wanting to hassle your colleagues every time you need a modified version, using a simple video converter like clipchamp could make a big difference.

Clipchamp compresses video files in your browser – it works best in Chrome – but directly on your computer so there are no lengthy uploading or downloading steps involved. It keeps the input video’s resolution (including 4K, 1080p, 720p, etc.), doesn’t change the frame rate of the input file and comes with a number of preconfigured output presets and quality settings.

This means that any resulting output will look as close to the original as possible but usually at a much smaller file size that uploads much faster to the file transfer or video hosting application you already have. And you don’t need to be a film tech ninja to use it.

In fact, it’s already used by people like you

Candace Marshall, producer at motion studio Breeder kindly sent us the following:

Why do I choose clipchamp?


As a basic user, my favourite thing about clipchamp is the totally easy-to-use functionality. I’m a producer at a motion studio, and I used to have to rely on my team mates to export files because they had the knowledge and confidence to use existing, more complex services. Clipchamp frees me to do my own exporting, safe in the knowledge that I’m getting it right.

One of the most valuable things about clipchamp is the fact I can export technically correct client files with no issues at all.  Clients require video files in so many different formats, and clipchamp makes it easy to provide these despite my technically-limited skill set.

Many businesses in our industry pay per export and for each file that’s delivered to clients – the cost of this can really add up over the course of a multi-version project. In this way clipchamp saves us time, and saves our clients’ money.  

Try it today

Clipchamp is available for free at You can also install it as a Chrome app. While it might not work in all circumstances and for all projects, it could just make those video file transfers a little less painful for you while still conveying an accurate picture of your work to the client.

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