How to Record a Webcam Video on Chromebook, Windows, Mac or Linux

Posted September 6, 2015
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*Video compression is now only available to Clipchamp Utilities users.

UPDATE – We updated the webcam recording feature of Clipchamp and made it more robust. We also redesigned the app as you will notice when you open it and have used it before.

To record a webcam video, just click on the “Record via Webcam” button and allow access to your webcam, then record away. Here is the updated tutorial.

You might be familiar with Clipchamp’s webcam recorder – it’s one of the only webcam recording apps that works on Chromebooks.

We recently gave our app a complete technical and design overhaul.

Now, we wanted to show you how you can record videos using your webcam in the new Clipchamp including a pro tip of how to make sharing those videos much faster.

As before, you can access the app by installing it from the Chrome Store or by going to in any browser.

Here’s the Quick Tutorial

On Clipchamp’s front page, click the “Record Video” button


Then, give the app access to your camera and microphone


After that, hit “Start Recording” and record away

You can change the resolution of the recording in the bottom right – options are 360p, 480p (that’s the default) and 720p (not recommended on Chromebooks).


…And Cut!

When you’re done, click “Finish Recording” and wait for the video to be processed.


All done, now you can share & save

After the processing is finished (the time this takes depends on the length of your recording and on how fast your computer is), you can upload your video to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Google Drive or simply save it to your computer.


But Hang On, Here’s the Pro Tip

You can make the recorded video much smaller without losing visible quality. This is a great way to share it more easily, for instance via email or by uploading it much more quickly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo or Google Drive.

Click on “2. Select Output”


Choose your output options or leave the defaults


Hit the “Start” button and watch your video being processed


Now we’re back on the Share & Save page, but with a much smaller file!


In our example, the original webcam video’s size was 2 MB, after compressing it the file size went down to 650 KB, which is a reduction by more than 50%!

That’s how easy it is to record a video on Clipchamp with your webcam. Use it right away or install it from the Chrome Store first, the choice is yours 🙂

PS: The webcam recording still works most reliably in Chrome on any operating system including Chromebook, Windows PCs (including Windows 10), any version of Mac OS and Linux. It also works well in Microsoft Edge and Firefox though not in Safari (yet).

If you’re on a Chromebook, we recommend to close all other tabs in Chrome and also close applications that run in the background to give the webcam recorder as much processing power as possible. This is because it is quite processing-intense and Chromebooks are a bit weaker than other computers.

Due to this and a few other technical limitations that are beyond our control, webcam recording is limited to 5 minutes per video.

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