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How to Send Large Videos on Signal App with Video Compressor

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Can you send videos on the Signal app? Can Signal app record video to send? Is there a Signal video size limit? Why is my video not sending on Signal? Many of us are yet to master the ins and outs of sending video on the Signal messaging app. If you, like many users, have quickly migrated from WhatsApp to Signal without knowing how to properly use the app, read on. This question and answer blog will provide you with all the tips you need to know about how to compress a video and successfully send large videos on Signal. 

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  • How to send videos on Signal app

  • Is there a Signal video size limit?

  • Signal send failed

  • Where does Signal save images?

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Using Signal App-How to send large videos on Signal app with video compressor -Clipchamp Blog

Signal App

Signal has millions of world-wide active users wanting to communicate for free everyday. Signal app enables users to send and receive high-fidelity messages as well as HD voice/video calls directly to your electronic device. Signal messaging app prides themselves on having advanced privacy and security technology so users can use the app safely. 

How to send videos on Signal app

Can you send videos on the Signal app? Yes! Many users switching from other messaging apps struggle to know how to send videos on signal to other users. Users can however send existing videos they have pre-recorded on their own phone camera app. Simply use your camera app to record a video, then send the video recording as an attachment.

Can signal app record video to send? No. Unfortunately, Signal messaging app does not permit users to record video content to send directly on their app. 

Is there a Signal video size limit?

Yes, there is a Signal video size limit. Signal app has a size limit of 300kb for sending via MMS (You can find this information in message > settings). If your video exceeds the Signal video size limit, you will need to compress video files before sending. So the next question would be, how to compress a video? Using an online video compressor is the easiest way to overcome this troubleshoot when using a messaging app. 

Send large video on Signal using video compressor 

Easily reduce video file size by using Clipchamp’s Online Video Compressor. No software download is necessary. Quickly compress large video files in seconds and save them directly to your phone. Once the compressed video is on your camera roll, Signal users will be able to successfully send large videos on Signal without exceeding the file size limit. 

Signal send failed

Signal not sending messages? Here are our top four possible reasons why this can happen and what to do: 

  • Internet Connection - Check your phone’s internet connection is switched on

  • Disconnect Wifi - Your local WiFi network could be down, temporarily disconnecting your phone from WiFi will lead to it using the carrier network's mobile data connection instead

  • Larger attachments - Make sure all larger attachments have been file size compressed

  • Enable permissions - Check and re-enable permissions in your phone settings

Where does Signal save images?

Signal allows users to take photos within the app, so there is no need to access your smartphone device camera roll. When users take a picture using the Signal app camera then directly send it, they are giving Signal permission to keep their personal pictures and information in their encrypted database. The data never leaves the chat unless users save the media content using the save button. Signal uses high security and end-to-end encryption to provide safe private messages and internet calling. Pictures will only ever be viewed by yourself and the intended recipients. 

Signal view-once

Signal app offers a great feature for those users who do not want the recipient to be able to view their sent video or picture more than once. When a video or image is sent via the “view-once” method, the media content won’t be permanently stored in the conversation history. In similar terms, this form of communication is called a disappearing message. 

How can Clipchamp help you? 

Send large video on Signal in minutes when using our handy video compressor! Don’t stress about your video formats being too large to send on a messaging app, we’ve got you covered. If you want to learn how to compress a video check out How to compress a video on Mac and How to compress MP4 video files. We also have a guide on How to compress videos for WhatsApp.

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Written by Christie Passaris on February 1, 2021
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