Clipchamp HTML5 Camera API: The Power of User-Generated Videos On Your Website

Posted December 17, 2015
Written by Tobi Raub
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The power of quality user-generated video recording, compression and conversion is now available for your website or web app. With our HTML5 Camera API, users can record or upload interview pitches, auditions, educational assessments, feedback videos, or any other video content you want to collect.

See the HTML5 Camera API in action here



The first of its kind, this technology enables webcam recording, video processing, and uploading worldwide, without the pain of Flash or outdated file formats. Your users can save their videos to your preferred cloud storage service and as an option, you can encourage them to share their creativity via your YouTube channel.

Students, actors,  job candidates, travel vloggers, sports commentators, YouTubers and all creatives in your audience can produce quality user-generated videos instantly and view their output video immediately. Clipchamp compression and conversion is fast, videos are ready for review in minutes.

On Twitter, we have seen some great ways Clipchamp is helping users and we are excited about how this technology is making it easier for people to achieve their goals.

Recording Clipchamp Videos for Amuse Me presentations, kids love it and it's so easy to use! #fcpsoms @clipchamp pic.twitter.com/XSUWMPzaml

— Shelly McGaughey (@ShellyMcga) January 6, 2016

Some Benefits of the Clipchamp HTML5 Camera API

Pure HTML5 Webcam Recording

Clipchamp button technology is pure HTML5 and JavaScript, no Flash or server-side code support is required to record, compress, convert and publish videos. It works in all modern web browsers on desktop and mobile.

Client-side Compression & Conversion = Smaller Video Size

Videos your users create* on your site or in your web app get compressed and converted into a format of your choice (MP4, WebM, etc.) before they get uploaded to you. This means that smaller files in a standard format and resolution (including HD and Full HD) reduce your server-side transcoding requirements and you might even do away with it altogether, depending on your use case.

*users can either record a video with their webcam or they can select existing videos from their computer to upload to you.

Fast HTML5 Video Uploader

Due to the client-side compression feature, user-generated content uploads much faster to you compared to larger video files that users would upload without the Clipchamp button.

Batch Processing

Your users can select multiple input files at once, they get processed and uploaded to you in one flow.


Internationalization / Localization

People from anywhere in the world, in any language can use the Clipchamp button to help their audience create and connect. You can customize the language used in the Clipchamp button to work with your website’s language. Here is an example in Swedish.


Choose Your Own Upload Target

Your users can save and share videos to your Amazon AWS S3 bucket, Microsoft Azure container, or upload directly into your YouTube channel. Client-side blob delivery is also available for maximum flexibility. We’re consistently working on adding additional upload targets as well.

Custom Design & Branding

Use the preconfigured Clipchamp button layout (top button on screenshot below) or integrate it entirely into your existing UX (bottom button on screenshot below).


Videos Don’t Go Through Clipchamp Servers

Our HTML5 Camera API directly sends your users’ videos from the client into your account at the cloud storage provider of your choice or your own server-side storage without taking a detour through Clipchamp servers. This means we protect your and your users’ privacy – Clipchamp never touches your customers’ video files, has no access to them and all videos only travel between your users and you.

Here are a few screenshots of a sample Clipchamp video API implementation.

[slideshow_deploy id=’1258′]

If you’d like to find out more and how to implement a video recorder and uploader on your own website or in your web app, feel free to get in touch with us at info(at)clipchamp.com or check out our full list of API plans and features.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

All the best,Alex and the team @Clipchamp

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