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Improved Clipchamp Webcam Recorder: New Features

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Improved Clipchamp Webcam Recorder

Clipchamp offers video recording for all computers including Chromebooks, using only your computer’s camera. You can save your video in modern formats that play on any device, and compress them after recording for easier sharing directly to your Google Drive, YouTube or social media. We have improved Clipchamp Webcam Recorder features so you can record, edit, compress and share quicker than ever!

Longer Webcam Recordings

In response to feedback from our users, we have extended the Clipchamp Webcam Record duration. You can now take videos using your webcam for 5 minutes on the free plan, and up to 30 minutes on the premium plan.


Higher Quality Webcam Recordings

We have also adjusted the quality of our webcam recordings to align with modern webcams. Videos can now be recorded in full HD 1080p resolution (if supported by your webcam).

Faster Processing

File processing has also been improved to up to 10 x faster when using Chrome, so you can get your videos uploaded and ready to share quicker than ever!


The Clipchamp Webcam Recorder is free to use and runs inside your browser, with no need to install any software or plugins. Videos never leave your computer unless you share them, ensuring that your files are secure and private at all times.

Find out more about our improved Clipchamp Webcam Recorder and try it today.

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