Our New Clipchamp API Video is…Revolutionary!

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Clipchamp Utilities and video compression has been discontinued in 2021. But no worries. Our free video editor is still fully equipped with professional and easy editing features you could use to take your videos to the next level. It lets you trim, cut, speed control, add captions and titles, create and insert GIFs, add stock media, voiceovers, green screen effects, and more. 

Clipchamp’s online video editor is your partner in creating YouTube masterpieces, enhancing Zoom virtual meetings, and boosting digital video marketing content. Try Clipchamp free online video editor for free.

Following their great work on our first Clipchamp video last year, our friends from Changer Studios recently helped us create a new video that introduces the Clipchamp HTML5 Video API and explains its benefits and advantages to digital businesses. Without a doubt –

The Clipchamp API is…revolutionary… 🙂

It’s been on YouTube for a couple of weeks now but we forgot to write a little blog post about it too! Well, here it is.

As you will see in the clip, our CEO has gained a new sidekick. And after originally compressing apples, his other trusted adviser has now taken on the task of explaining the advantages of our API. In his own, special way.

PS: If you’re after a modern, all HTML5 way to embed a video uploader, video converter, video compressor and webcam recorder on your website to let your users send videos to you, you’ve come to the right place. Learn more and see the Clipchamp API in action.

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