Clipchamp Video Recorder Plugin for WordPress

Posted June 30, 2016
Written by Tobi Raub
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Clipchamp video API in action


We discontinued development of the WordPress plugin. If you’ve installed the WP plugin on your site already it should continue to work in its current version for the time being.


Clipchamp’s suite of products also includes a Video Uploader & Webcam Recorder plugin for WordPress that lets any site admin embed a video recorder and front-end video uploader.

Put simply, it lets you collect videos uploaded by your users through your WordPress site’s front-end. This happens through a simple button to record and upload videos that can be embedded on any page, post or media page on a WordPress based blog or website.

Recording buttons can be inserted into as many posts and pages as you like by simply adding the [ clipchamp ] shortcode into the body of the page.


Our video capture plugin for WordPress is based on the Clipchamp video API and enables the API’s capabilities to be used with minimal technical knowledge in WordPress posts and pages – there’s no coding required to install, embed or use it unless you’d like to get into expert features.

How does our WordPress video recorder work?

Site owners can use our video plugin to have users and website visitors record videos directly on their site by simply clicking a recording button and filming away. Site admins can also use the plugin to collect video files that users already have on their devices.

The plugin converts these videos into 1 standard, modern format before uploading them (eg. MP4, WebM). Videos can be submitted both from desktop and mobile.

It also includes automatic, client-side video compression (at little or no visible quality loss) for much faster video uploading and sharing. The upside of this approach is that you won’t have to set up any server-side video transcoding or streaming server, dramatically lowering your setup and maintenance costs.

At the same time, unlike with any other camera plugin provider, videos also get directly uploaded from your users’ devices to a Cloud storage destination you nominate without going through Clipchamp servers, thanks to our patent-pending in-browser video processing technology.


You can test the video recorder & uploader for free for 14 days (no credit card required) and if you’d like to continue to use it, there’s a choice of a number of Clipchamp API plans.

Test it right here

Below is a sample embedded WordPress video recorder and video uploader button. Note that you can customize the colour, text and logo as well as take out the Clipchamp branding (if available in your plan).

Users just have to click the button in order to submit their videos to you.

All videos you submit through this demo button are uploaded into a Clipchamp cloud storage folder and will get deleted.

You can decide where your user videos get sent to, such as a private YouTube channel, a personal Google Drive folder, AWS S3 buckets, Azure containers, or even just your WordPress media gallery (through the Clipchamp API’s Blob output option).

Moreover, our WordPress video recorder is straight-forward to install. You can grab it from the WordPress plugin directory, the installation is structured into a 3-step guide that includes all that’s required to get a video button on your site quickly.

Unique advantages compared to other video capture plugins

Clipchamp reduces or even eliminates your server-side video transcoding requirements and associated costs. All videos you receive from your users are instantly streaming-ready and they’re uploaded from your visitors straight to your Cloud storage without Clipchamp ever touching the videos – which is great for user privacy.

The way this works is that unlike any other WordPress video recorder and video uploader, the Clipchamp plugin compresses and converts video files into your desired format of choice _before_they get uploaded to you. For webcam recordings, this includes MP4 and WebM. For your users’ existing video files, additional output format options are FLV and ASF/WMV.

Our video recorder also works on any device without any browser plugins as it doesn’t require Flash or WebRTC.

Powered by cutting-edge HTML5 technology, the video recording, compression and video conversion is all done through the user’s web browser, meaning that:

  • Recording can start instantly as soon as the user clicks the button on your site

  • All videos are sent directly to you. They are not processed on our servers and we NEVER have access to your users’ videos.

  • Uploading time is significantly reduced through Clipchamp compression (with little or no affect on visible video quality, esp. compared to other video capture technologies such as WebRTC).

  • Collecting videos is easier than ever through the simple interface and collection process.

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