ONAGOfly Smart Nano Drone: Handsfree Video and Photos

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ONAGOfly is a palm-sized drone that comes complete with a high-resolution video camera and GPS auto-follow capability.

This smart nano drone turns your awkward selfie images and videos into aerial perspective shots. You can control the position of the nano drone via the ONAGOfly mobile app to get the right angle for group and individual shots.

The demand for this technology is huge. ONAGOfly’s $500,000 and growing Indiegogo campaign has been live for 7 days and counting.

For some, this crowdfunding drive will spark memories of a previous Kickstarter campaign launched by British company Torquing Group for their Zano drone. The funds raised for Zano totalled £2.3 million ($3.4 million USD). 600 out of 15,000 drones ordered were shipped before Torquing Group buckled under the pressure and went into liquidation.

ONAGOfly’s Delaware, US-based credentials through their employees and product development roadmap show they have been working on their drone since 2013. According to their Indiegogo overview, sample testing is complete and their nano drone is ready for final review and production.

Let’s hope ONAGOfly can give the world what it wants. That, would be awesome.

Source photo and video: ONAGOfly Indiegogo Campaign

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