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How to Use Clipchamp's Online Webcam Recorder 

Posted April 28, 2020
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Our updated online webcam recorder is now available for free to all users! With a multi-use purpose, webcam recordings are perfect for vlogs, Picture in Picture videos for remote education, video presentations and YouTube videos like #letsplay. Record your webcam video, upload it directly to social media, or drag and drop it onto your editing timeline to use the footage. Don’t jump between apps or search through files looking for your clips - learn how to record with Clipchamp's free video recording software in a few simple steps. In this blog we'll be exploring:  

  • What is an online webcam recorder?

  • How to record videos using free webcam recorder 

What is an online webcam recorder?

A webcam recorder is basically an online video camera. You can record videos straight from your web browser so you no longer have to worry about uploading content from your memory card or phone to your desktop.

With our new online webcam recorder, users can capture moments with lightning-fast speed. Moreover, it’s completely private and allows you to start sharing, compressing and editing your footage straight away. This feature is great for small businesses marketing creators, influencers and educators. Conveniently, it’s suitable for recording video on Windows, Mac and Linux.

Online webcam recorder

How to record videos using Clipchamp's free online webcam recorder

Step 1. Get started by creating a Clipchamp Create account

Log into your existing Clipchamp Create account, or sign up for free.

Step 1. Get started by creating a Clipchamp account

Step 2. Create a new project

Select the Create a video button on the left side bar. Choose between the five different video formats and select the one best suited to your project. We recommend using widescreen 16:9 ratio if uploading to YouTube, Vimeo or a different video sharing platform.

Step 2. Create a new project

Step 3. Allow access to webcam

Once your editor is open, click Record webcam. If you have not used the webcam recorder before, a Google Chrome pop up will appear in the top left corner. Click Allow to grant Clipchamp Create access to your microphone and camera. Your webcam will then automatically appear.

Step 3. Allow access to webcam

Step 4. Record your webcam content 

Click the red circle button to start recording. Your video clip can be no longer than 30 minutes. When you are finished filming your segment, click the red circle button again to stop the recording. An Automatic save option will appear. Save your clip in a folder of your choice. You do not have to save your clip to your computer if you do not want to. Your clip will now appear in your Media Library within the editor automatically. 

Step 4. Record your webcam content 

Step 5. Drag and drop your clips onto timeline 

Once you have finished recording all of your clips, drag and drop your clips onto the timeline. If you accidentally place the clips in the wrong order, simply reshuffle them on the timeline by dragging and dropping them again.

Step 5. Drag and drop your clips onto timeline 

Step 6. Export your video

Feel free to add in any text, transitions between clips and stock footage if needed. When you are happy with the final result, click the purple Export button in the top right corner. Here, you can select the resolution settings you would like to download your project in. For social media uploading, we recommend 480p or 720p. For YouTube or teaching purposes, use 1080p. Lastly, click the Continue button and wait for your video to export. From here, you can save the video to your computer or share it directly on social media. 

Step 6. Export your video

What next?

Looking to create many more videos using Clipchamp? It's easy to get started and create a promo video, corporate video or training video for free.

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