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Our Top 10 video Pin templates inspired by Pinterest Predictions for 2021

Posted March 9, 2021
Written by Lana Sciasci
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    Pinterest Predicts header

    There’s no shortage of inspiration when it comes to Pinterest, with the social platform providing 459 million monthly users a place to find inspiration today, for tomorrow. Billions of Pins serve up a world of discovery, creativity and innovation, and for Pinterest - they know what’s coming next.

    After analyzing their search data over the past 12 months, Pinterest recently released the 2021 Pinterest Predicts report, “a window into the future from the platform where people go to plan it”. And it’s not your typical year-end trend’s a not-yet-trending report detailing the biggest trends coming in 2021. Marketers and businesses alike, take notes - this report really is a look into the future. Don’t believe us? Last year, the most unpredictable year in history, Pinterest made history with 8 out of 10 trend predictions coming true. 

    So here’s our take on the top 10 Pinterest Predicts trends for 2021, with 10 creative Clipchamp templates to match:

    1. Travel - Nomading & Getaway Car

    “People will plan national park road trips, trade city life for a rental cabin, and use remote work as an excuse to explore the great outdoors” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Travel Image

    Just because life looks a little different these days, doesn’t mean that travel is completely off the cards. In 2021, Nomadding is the new normal - so it’s time to buckle up and get ready to explore your very own backyard. Pinterest has predicted that because planes are out, cars are in! So whether you're seeking a sky full of stars, or beaches off the beaten track, a road trip has you covered. Our pre made video Pin template is our take on a 2021 editable travel ad:

    2. Beauty - Skinimalism

    “Pinners will embrace slow beauty and let their natural skin texture shine through” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Beauty

    2021 is the year we say goodbye to the caked-on-makeup look, it’s time to embrace our natural beauty. Pinterest predicts Pinners will “let their natural skin shine through” this year, and that skinimalism is the new glow up. This new effortless routine is simple and sustainable, and natural beauty products will be the go-to for Pinners worldwide. Check out our take on the best way you can promote natural beauty products to keep your audience engaged:

    3. Wellbeing - Invest In Rest

    “ZZZ is the new me time” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Wellness

    This year, sleep care is the new self-care. Pinterest predicts Pinners will take huge steps to invest in rest, and bedtime routines will be a bigger focus than ever. From investing in quality bed sheets, to trying out herbal teas, and even giving bedtime exercise routines (sleep yoga) a go, people are putting emphasis on their sleep health. So check out our pre-made invest in rest templates:

    4. Fashion - Cocoon Swoon

    “Blankets as a fashion statement? Oh yes.” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Fashion

    Move over jeans and dresses - and say hello to cocooning. In the fashion world, Pinterest predicts Pinners are about to turn blankets, shawls, jackets, and loungewear into every-day life no matter what the occasion. Basically, cosy comfort is the new skinny jeans and white T. Check out our fashion advert template to ensure you’re marketing that comfy loungewear to your audience:

    5. Home - More Door

    “Say goodbye to open floor plans: Pinners are getting creative with closed doors” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Home

    New year, new space. With so much more time spent at home, our new digitised work-from-home daily routine can get old - fast. So it’s time to declutter and create a space you didn't even know you had. Pinterest predicts 2021 will be the year we all learn what a ‘cloffice’ is, and that people will find a way to create some new personal space. So get ready to market to the masses and promote sprucing up your home office or living area with our pre-made template:

    6. Parenting - Creative Save The Planet

    “In 2021, parents will entertain children while they educate them and make art” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Parenting

    In 2021, educating the next generation and raising awareness for the global climate crisis is incredibly important. It’s time to save the planet, and make it fun. Pinterest predicts this year parents will find ways to entertain their children while educating them on making art with eco-friendly products (and even what they already have at home). So take a look at our pre-made template promoting eco-friendly art products for the whole family:

    7. Hobbies & Interests - Progress, Not Perfect

    “In 2021, people will embrace a beginner’s mindset and teach themselves skills from scratch” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Hobbies & Interests

    This is the year to give yourself permission to give something a go, and not be afraid to fail. It’s time to surprise yourself and learn something new. Pinterest predicts Pinners will “embrace a beginner mindset and teach themselves something from scratch”. Whether it’s learning to skateboard, learning the art of calligraphy, learning to sew, or even learning how to make a candle, 2021 is your year. Check out our pre-made template for inspiration on selling your product with the right messaging:

    8. Finance - Bet on Yourself

    “Meet the team. (That’s you.) Branding strategies, podcast tips and small business ideas will all be in high demand this year” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Finance

    “CEO is the new DIY”. Pinterest Predicts Pinners will tap into their potential and unlock their entrepreneurial side, all while using Pinterest to brand their business. Self development never looked so good, and small business ideas will be in high demand this year! So check out our branding and marketing pre-made template to promote your services to aide and guide the next generation of entrepreneurs into success:

    9. Food & Drink - You’re The Top Chef

    “Kitchen is the new Michelin - get your most trusted paring knife out” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Food & Drink

    Move over Masterchef, this year you’re the star of the show. It’s time to teach yourself some new culinary skills, as Pinterest predicts Pinners are about to get fancy in the kitchen. Recreate your favourite chef-inspired dishes at home, and earn a michelin star with our pre-made template promoting a simplified DIY masterclass cookbook:

    10. Celebrations - Weddings, Unplugged

    “Say ‘I do’ to minimalist matrimony. Couples will make their big day more laid back than ever” - Pinterest

    Pinterest Predicts Celebrations

    It’s time to say ‘I Do’ to weddings, unplugged. Minimalism isn’t just for home, couples are now looking to make their big day “more laid-back than ever starting with smaller venues, and no-frill elopements”. Pinterest predicts low-key weddings are on the rise, so check out our pre-made minimalistic wedding planner template to draw your audience in this year:

    Still want more info?

    Read more about our integration with Pinterest or check out our How To Make Video Ads For Small Businesses blog for more tips and tricks on setting up some amazing ads to target your audience with the trends of 2021. You can also explore the full Pinterest Predicts report here.

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