The Power of User Generated Video Content for YouTubers

Posted September 27, 2016
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If you have a YouTube channel, you know you need lots of video content. But video content creating is also one of the most time consuming activities you will have to undertake.  While creating your own video content is great as a foundation for your channel, there are many ways for you to add supporting video content without ever having to pick up a camera.

Why User Generated Video Content?

More video content is watched on YouTube now than on television, according to a study by Defy Media, and this is because the younger demographic find it more authentic and relatable to their own lives. With a rise of 176 million people contributing to social media in the last year, user generated content is becoming more and more accessible (SociaMediaToday).

92% of users trust user generated content over traditional advertising (Nielsen), so why not utilize video content made by your fans or friends to enhance your channel?

How Can I Get User Generated Content For YouTubers?

Clipchamp can be a great tool for collecting User Generated Video Content. The Clipchamp Video Request allows you to easily collect user generated videos and upload them directly to your YouTube channel.

Just follow these 5 simple steps and you’ll be on your way to accessing great user generated content and improving your channel!

  1. Think about what kind of user generated content you want to collect.

  2. Create your Clipchamp Video Request link and choose YouTube as your storage choice.

  3. Share the link with your friends or followers via email, social media, bio or website and ask them to submit a video.

  4. Anyone with the link can now record a video on the spot with their webcam or upload a pre-recorded video from any device.

  5. The video files will automatically be converted and compressed with Clipchamp’s technology.

  6. Check out the submitted videos on your YouTube channel and select the ones you want to publish!



What Kind of User Generated Video Content Should I Collect?

If you’re stuck for ideas about what kind of videos to collect, take a look at our top 5 tips.

1. Run a video competition

Whether your channel focuses on vlogging about gaming, cooking, pulling pranks or beauty demonstrations, your viewers are watching because they share that common interest. For example, if you normally vlog about travel, ask your viewers to create a video of their own adventures and submit them to you using the Clipchamp Video Request link. Even if the incentive is just the chance to be featured on your channel, providing motivation is a great way of getting users to participate.

Take the opportunity to co-brand with a travel company who can provide a prize for the winning video such as a travel starter pack or a trip overseas for example.

2. Help a brother out

Use your influence to kick-start someone’s career. For example, if you enjoy listening to a particular artist who may not be well known yet, send them the Clipchamp Video Request link and offer them the chance to have one of their videos featured on your channel.

Featuring an exclusive video from an up and coming artist can not only increase the amount of unique video content on your channel but also help to increase their exposure.

3. Collaborate with other influencers

Clipchamp can allow YouTube influencers from around the world to collaborate without ever having to work together in person. Why not reach out to other vloggers in your industry or niche and agree with them to create video content that suits both your audiences.

Exchange videos via the Clipchamp Video Request link and your vlogs will automatically be converted, compressed and shared to your channel! Collaborating can open a huge range or networking opportunities and can allow both your channels to increase their audience and subscribers.


4. Create a Q&A video with your fans

Bring a whole new level to Q&A by asking your viewers to submit their questions through video. Rather than reading through thousands of comments underneath your vlog, ask your viewers to create a 5-10 second clip and submit it via your Clipchamp Video Request link.

Take the best or most creative clips and feature the in your Q&A. Answering and featuring your viewers video questions not only increases engagement but makes the process fun for you as well!

5. Ask a question

Ask your viewers to help you out with a particular problem and have them submit a video tip or solution to your channel. Combine the best clips together to create your own ‘how-to’ vlog using purely user generated content.

Asking for help or advice can build a strong relationship between you and your audience while allowing you to take control of the discussion.

What’s In It for You?

So how does utilizing user generated content benefit your YouTube channel? user generated video content can allow you to connect to fans and build trust in the value of your video content, making you look more approachable and relatable. The more approachable and relatable you are, the more likely viewers are to engage with your videos.

Using user generated content can increase engagement by 28%, meaning your audience will be more likely to like, share, subscribe and comment on your videos rather than just passively watching and moving on (ComScore).

By incorporating our tips into your next vlog post, you’ll be able to increase your viewer engagement and establish a strong community around your channel.

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