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A review of 7 great video editors for all users

Posted December 6, 2016
Written by Tobi Raub
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Every day there are more than 4 million YouTube videos watched, 95 million videos shared on Instagram and video is the number one reshared content on LinkedIn. 

Its evident video content is a force to be reckoned with, but choosing the right video editor can make or break the results of your video marketing.


So how do you create engaging video content that perfectly represents your brand without spending thousands of dollars? 

We’ve compiled a review of 6 professional video editing tools to make your research process a little easier. 

Clipchamp’s top 7 video editors

Finding the right free online video editor can be quite a challenge for businesses and content creators. There’s so many to choose from, how do you know you’ve picked the right one? Each video editor offers different features, costs and shareability. 

Let’s compare the following online video editors: 

  • Clipchamp 

  • WeVideo 

  • Magisto 

  • Loopster

  • Filmora 

  • Avidemux

  • Flexclip

1. Clipchamp

Ranking at number 1 on our list, free online video editor, Clipchamp. 

Clipchamp online video editor offers essential features such as trimming, cutting, speed control, filters, titles, overlays, Zoom meeting editing, picture-in-picture, green screen, custom branding, captions, and more. We also have an iOS app for users to edit on the go. 

Whether you need to save time on upload, save money on storage, or create an entire video from scratch, Clipchamp is the best place to start. Join 17 million users in over 200 countries and tell your stories with the help of Clipchamp video editor. 

1. Clipchamp

Beginner-friendly interface

You don’t have to be a professional digital marketer to create a video masterpiece with Clipchamp. The user-friendly video maker lets you easily and quickly create corporate, educational, promotional, social media ad videos, and much more. With hundreds of tutorial blogs and help articles to help you along the way, creating marketing and demo videos, Zoom presentations and YouTube videos will be a breeze. 

The editor works in Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge based on Chromium. We recommend you update your browser to the latest version before starting your first video.

Stock library

Stuck for ideas, run out of footage or can’t find a royalty audio track? Our extensive stock library has over 800K+ videos, images and audio that can spark your imagination or add the right audio to video footage. Great video is a mixture of personal content complemented with stock, and that’s the heart of our editor experience. 

Ready-to-use video templates

There’s no time for a creative block. Get inspired with our video templates. They’re ready-to-use for everything from business promo videos, make-up tutorials, corporate slideshows and even TikToks. All you have to do is make the template your own by adding our editor features like branding, color, text and more. 

What makes Clipchamp different from other online video editors?

The ability to screen record and webcam record with no expensive plugins or equipment required. Screen recording and webcam recording is an essential tool for video makers everywhere. Easily capture video and audio for video presentations, product demos, educational and sales videos with a click of a button. 

You can even add the Text-to-Speech feature to your videos in our online video editor. Choose from 14 voices, each with a unique character and accent to suit your video and help localize your video content. This feature is awesome if you’re struggling to record your own voice or avoiding the cost of hiring voice talent. 

Export videos

Once you’ve created an awesome video, Clipchamp enables users to export their video creation in 480p, 720p and 1080p resolutions that support 16:9, 1:1, 21:9, 9:16, 4:5 and 2:3 aspect ratios suited to any social media platform. 

Our video editor is optimized for popular sharing platforms like LinkedIn, Instagram, Tiktok and Pinterest, and has direct upload access to Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, YouTube and more. 

Pricing plans

We have a plan to suit every situation. Basic, Creator, Business and Business Platinum. 

Our free plan lets you work on as many videos as you would like. You can use your own video footage, audio files and images. The plan has all the basic editing tools you’ll need to create beautiful videos. Videos can be exported for free in 480p resolution. 

CC Pricing plans

2. WeVideo

WeVideo is a cloud-based video editor for Web, Mobile, Windows & OSX with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It allows you to edit videos online, and save your videos to work on them off-line. You can access them from almost any device through their cloud storage.

Editing features

WeVideo gives users access to cloud-based storage, green screen, stock footage, slow motion, screen recording and support via video tutorials. 

Pricing plans

WeVideo has pricing plans for ‘individuals and businesses’ and ‘education’. 

For individuals and businesses, there is no free offer available. 

WeVideo Pricing plans

For education, there is a 30-day free trial offered.

WeVideo 30-day free trial

3. Magisto

Magisto is more of a hands-off video editor. You can upload video in your prefered sequence, then Magisto takes over adding transitions and music to suit the video aesthetic. 

Magisto even has emotion-detecting technology that assesses what type of emotion is going on in your videos and adds in effects and soundtrack accordingly. Once Magisto’s software has edited your video, you have the ability to make minor edits to your footage.

The lack of control may not be for everyone but for those who want to spend less time editing videos, it’s a great option.

Editing features

Magisto is cloud-based, has a library of 100 000 stock videos, commercially licensed music, priority support for business plan customers and emotion sense technology. 

Pricing plans

There are 3 plans offered. Premium, professional and business. Magisto does not offer a free plan. 

Magisto Pricing plans

4. Loopster 

Loopster is an online video editor that’s easy to use and at the same time allows you to create high-quality videos. With Loopster you can edit videos from your smartphone devices.

It gives you the option of effects such as zooming in, cropping, splicing, rotating and adding sound effects—and it comes with more than 600 included sounds.

Loopster is great for video makers working in teams, as you can give anyone access to your video projects so you can collaborate together.

Editing features

Loopster allows you to collaborate with other users, cloud-based, 30minute timeline, 600 sound effects and has a 2GB max upload file size. 

Pricing plans

Loopster has 4 packages to choose from. Plus membership, movie producer membership, education pacage and business package. 

Loopster Pricing plans

5. Filmora

Filmora is a video editing software with an intuitive design. It offers advanced features that you can work into your videos, including moving graphics, text overlays, and gorgeous filters.

Filmora is constantly adding to their list of features and gives you the option of purchasing additional animation and effects from their store. Get 4k editing support, noise reduction, speed control, color tuning, and the ability to pan and zoom. 

Editing features

Some special features offered include noise removal, color tuning, green screen, speed control, video stabilization and scene detection. 

Pricing plans

Filmora offers users a free download but will have to purchase a subscription once downloaded.

Filmora Pricing plans

6. Avidemux 

Avidemux is a simple video editing program developed to be easy to use while providing all core video editing functions such as automating tasks, encoding and filtering. Users will have to download this program. 

Being open-source software, Avidemux benefits from patches, translations and bug fixes contributed regularly by programmers around the globe.

Editing features

Some special features offered include video cutting, basic filtering, transcode into various formats, insert and export audio streams, subtitle processing. 

Pricing plans

Avidemux is open-source software available for free under the GNU GPL license.

7. Flexclip

FlexClip is another online and easy-to-use video editor that enables seamless workflows to create videos for various purposes. With FlexClip, you can create fantastic corporation videos, intros, slideshows, social media videos, and much more.

Editing features

FlexClip has drag-and-drop tools that ensure you take your video to the next new level. You can add text styles, widgets, dynamic overlays, transitions, and more.  Also, you will find royalty-free stock videos, music, photos. It offers 100 GB of cloud space and pre-designed templates too. 

Pricing plans

Flexclip has a free plan but with limits on the video length and quality. 

Flexclip Pricing plans

Which video editor is the best value?

When comparing all video editors, some online and some downloadable, Clipchamp takes the gold medal overall. It’ s fast and easy to use, with no downloads necessary. Try Clipchamp for free

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