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A Review of 5 Great Video Editors for All Users

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Massive amounts of video get published online daily by both businesses and creative individuals. To make all that video look great, there’s growing demand for video editing software that is reliable, affordable and easy to use without requiring specialist knowledge.

As such, video editing tools are essential to add special effects and create professional grade video productions. While there are many different editor apps available including downloadable video editors for Windows and Mac, cloud-based applications and free-to-use open source programs, which is the best one to use?


A search for the ‘best video editing software’ in Google produces over seven million result pages and even though it’s always great to have options, it can be difficult to navigate and research such a wealth of information to find a solution to meet your specific needs.

That’s why we’ve compiled a review of five professional video editing tools to make the research process easier for you.

Our Top 5 Video Editors

1. WeVideo

Online video editor

WeVideo is a powerful cloud-based video editor for Web, Mobile, Windows & OSX  with a simple and easy-to-use user interface. It allows you to edit videos online but also save your videos and work on them off-line. You can access them from almost any device through their cloud storage.

WeVideo has all the advanced features that professional video editors expect but also makes it really easy for beginners to get started. A free plan with limited functionality and WeVideo watermark is available to help you test this application

Key features:

  • Cloud based (Cloud storage provided)

  • Green screen

  • Slow motion

  • Screen recording

  • Support via video tutorial

Plans and pricing:

  • Free plan gives you 1GB of cloud storage (with watermark)

  • Flex’ plan costs $25/year and gives you 2GB of storage

  • The Personal’ plan costs $39/year and has 20GB of storage

  • Unlimited’ plan costs $69/year and comes with unlimited storage and unlimited publishing time

2. Magisto


Magisto is the best video editor on this list for those that would like to take a more hands-off approach to video editing. With Magisto, you essentially upload video in the sequence that you want it and then Magisto takes it from there, adding in transitions and music to suit the video you’ve uploaded.

Magisto even has emotion-detecting technology that assesses what type of emotion is going on in your videos and adds in effects and soundtrack accordingly. Once Magisto’s software has edited your video, you have the ability to make minor edits to your footage.

This lack of control may not be for everyone but for those who want to spend less time editing videos it’s a great option.

Key features:

  • Cloud based

  • Library of 100,000 stock videos

  • Commercially licensed music

  • Priority support for business customers

  • Emotion Sense Technology

Plans and pricing:

  • Business: $9.99/month to use 80 photos & videos per movie

  • Marketers: $49.99/month to use 100 photos & videos per movie

3. Loopster


Loopster is an online video editor that’s easy to use and at the same time allows you to create high-quality videos. With Loopster you can edit videos from iphones, ipads, and android devices.

It gives you the option of effects such as zooming in, cropping, splicing, rotating and adding sound effects—and it comes with more than 600 included sounds ones.

Loopster is great for video makers working in teams, as you can give anyone with an access to your video projects so you can collaborate together. Pricing starts with a free plan with limited cloud storage.

Key features:

  • Collaborate with other users

  • Cloud based

  • 30 minute Timeline

  • 600 Sounds Effects

  • 2GB max upload file size

Plans and pricing:

  • -Free: They have a free version but your videos with the free version will have a watermark. 

  • -Plus membership: $4.99/month with 10GB cloud storage

  • -Movie Producer membership: $9.99/month, 20GB cloud storage

  • -Education Package: $79/per three months, 200GB cloud storage

  • -Business Package: $129/per three months, 100GB cloud storage, up to 50 employees per package

4. Filmora


Filmora is a video editor software with an intuitive design. It gives you lots of advanced features that you can work into your videos, including moving graphics, text overlays, and gorgeous filters.

Filmora is constantly adding to their list of features and gives you the option of purchasing additional animation and effects from their store. With Filmora you get 4k editing support, noise reduction, speed control, color tuning, and the ability to pan and zoom. 

Filmora can be downloaded for Windows (Win10 / Win8 / WinXP) and Mac with a one-year licence starting at $39.99.

Key features:

  • Noise removal

  • Color tuning

  • Speed control

  • Video Stabilization

  • Scene Detection

Plans and pricing:

  • Personal plan: $39.99 1 year licence

  • Business plan:  $119.99 lifetime license

5. Avidemux


Here is a free, open source video editing downloadable software which is available for both Linux and Mac OS X. Avidemux is a simple video editing program developed to be easy to use while providing all core video editing functionality such as automating tasks, encoding and filtering.

Being an open source software, Avidemux benefits from patches, translations and bug fixes contributed regularly by programmers around the globe.

Key features:

  • Video cutting

  • Basic filtering

  • Transcode into various formats

  • Insert or export audio streams

  • Subtitle processing

Plans and pricing:

Avidemux is an open source software available for free under the GNU GPL license,

Free video editor with Clipchamp

When you use Clipchamp to compress and convert your video files you can make use of the video editing functions available within Clipchamp.  

Making basic edits such as trimming can vastly improve the quality of your videos and webcam recordings before you share the clips with your friends or colleagues.

You can try Clipchamp’s video editing capabilities – they’re part of the app’s Convert/Record/Edit/Compress product and currently include trimming, cropping, rotating, flipping and adjusting saturation, brightness and contrast of your video.


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