Send Videos in Slack using the Clipchamp app

Posted February 3, 2017
Written by Tobi Raub
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What is Clipchamp?

Clipchamp lets users convert, compress, edit and record videos. Clipchamp’s technology processes videos inside your computers’ browser, unlike other providers where files have to be uploaded to a server for processing. Browser processing is much faster and provides better privacy protection. Your video files never leave the computer, unless you decide to share them.

Sharing Video in Slack

Sending a video in Slack is easy to do. However, there are 2 downsides to uploading videos directly in Slack.

1. Video file size restrictions

The upload file size limit is currently 1 GB per video. Additionally, Slack only offers 5GB total file storage for the entire team on the free plan. While this probably won’t stop you from annoying your co-workers with funny GIFs, it may pose issues when sending those important, and significantly larger, work videos.

2. Only some video formats are recognised as playable videos.

If the video is of an unknown format to Slack, your team members will have to download it before they can watch it. You can only play MP4s directly in Slack without needing to download them first.

How does the Clipchamp app work?

***The Clipchamp Slack app is discontinued***

Clipchamp automatically compresses your video files down to 480p and converts them to MP4 format before sending in Slack. This allows your videos to seamlessly embed and play from right inside your chat, and will keep your file size to a minimum so that you can send more videos in the long run.

Follow these simple steps to start sending video in slack with the Clipchamp app.

How to install the Clipchamp app

***The Clipchamp Slack app is discontinued***

1. Click on this button to get started:

Blog post image: add_to_slack.png

2. Authorize the app.

You will be taken to a page that looks like this, asking for permission to access your Slack account. Here you can confirm the Slack team you wish to install the app in. The app will ask you for permission to add commands and send messages on your behalf. Click Authorize to grant permission.

Blog post image: Slack2-1.png

3. Log in to your Clipchamp account

Use your Google, Facebook or Email account to log in to Clipchamp. If you don’t already have a Clipchamp account, you can sign up here as well. It’s free!

Note: The Clipchamp app gives you free unlimited use when sending video in Slack. It does not use your quota from your personal account.

Blog post image: log-in-to-clipchamp-1.jpg

4. Clipchamp for Slack is getting installed.

Once done, a congratulations page will appear. You can now exit the installation page, your account will be successfully linked.

Blog post image: Slack4-1.png

How to send videos in Slack

***The Clipchamp Slack app is discontinued***

After installing the Clipchamp app for Slack, here is how to use it with your team:

1. Go to your Slack channel and start sending existing video files

Type in the command /video to send a video you already have on your device.

Blog post image: SlackVideo-1.png

2. After this, add your video’s title.

For example, write /video Hello World! and then click enter.

Blog post image: video-title-1.jpg

A message will pop up providing you with a link to submit your video. Click this link to select a video to upload.

Note: This link will only be active for 15 minutes to avoid confusion in the Slack chat.

Blog post image: clipchamp_apptitle-1.jpg

4. Select your video

Drag and drop your file into the box or click to select the file you want to send. Your video will automatically be compressed and converted. This should only take a few seconds depending on the original file size and your network connection.

Blog post image: select-your-video-1.jpg

5.  View your video in the channel

Your video will now be sent to the channel where you added the /video command. The title of your video will appear on top of and the name of the sender will appear below the video player.

Blog post image: SlackVideoUpload-1.png

As Clipchamp converts your video to MP4, all your team members can watch it directly in Slack without downloading it first.

How to send a webcam video

***The Clipchamp Slack app is discontinued***

In addition to embedding existing video files into Slack, you can also use the Clipchamp app to submit a new video recorded straight from your webcam.

1. Type in the command

Type /webcam and the title of your video to get started, then hit Enter.

Blog post image: SlackWebcam-1.png

Click on the link to open your webcam.

Blog post image: clipchamp_apptitle-1.jpg

3. Record your video

Click start to record your video.

Blog post image: start-recording-1.jpg

When you’re finished, click the Finish button and your video will be sent to the Slack channel or direct message right away!

Need Help?

Type /video help or /webcam help for more info.

Blog post image: SlackWebcamHelp-1.png

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