The Ultimate Guide to Pinterest Videos

Posted May 13, 2019
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Companies usually view Pinterest as a visually engaging and addictive social media platform, used for gathering ideas and inspiration on things such as weddings, recipes and DIY projects. Evidently, Pinterest is appealing to users for its wide range of aesthetically pleasing images and addictive nature of scrolling. However, the social media app is much more than an online idea pinboard. Businesses should not underestimate the power of Pinterest’s digital marketing aspect with over 250 million users logging on every month.

This article will cover:

  1. Pinterest Marketing Value

  2. Pinterest Video Marketing Tool – Autoplay

  3. How To Set Up Pinterest Marketing Videos

1. Pinterest Marketing Value

Pinterest has an expansive user base making it an extremely valuable marketing tool for companies in every niche. Thousands of people can be reached instantly with a pin by adding key search words in the description of the picture. A pin can rapidly gain popularity over months on end after the initial pin was published.

Unlike a Tweet which will be live for 2-25 minutes or a Facebook post staying live for 60-80 minutes. Pins stay live forever. Pinterest allows users to express their interests and what they aspire to create or be. Where as Facebook and Twitter only establish who the users are or what they want to report about.

Pinterests main audience is 83 percent of women aged 25-54 years old. This statistic gives a huge insight to companies that have a desire to market their products on Pinterest. By giving businesses marketing research available online, the companies are more likely to make a larger profit as they will market certain products to their target market. Marketing teams must create an advertisement that connects with the audience.

2. Pinterest Marketing Tool – Autoplay

Studies show 55 percent of users are interested in shopping for products compared to a small 12 percent on other social media platforms. This is a huge opportunity for companies to use videos to sell directly to customers via Pinterest.

Pinterest videos were originally “click to play”, meaning the user must click the video or advertisement in order to view it. Now, a new feature has been introduced called Autoplay, allowing videos to automatically play without any clicks from the user as soon as they scroll to the video. This can drastically impact view rate metrics. In simpler terms, if the user doesn’t click the video, they will not see the company or product.

Therefore no impression has been made. Autoplay fixes this problem by automatically playing videos with no sound as they appear in the users feed. Therefore generating more revenue and awareness to the brand or product.

Pinterest’s Autoplay videos also show up in search results as they are promoted. Promoted videos are more likely to receive user views and ensures a higher relevance to the video. The Autoplay feature also permits businesses to still use the analytics software to track the demographics and metics of the viewers.

Pinterest Autoplay Video Best Practices

  • Video File Size: 2GB Max

  • Video Length: 30 mins or less

  • Video Captions: Not available

  • Video Sound: Optional

  • Aspect ratio: Square (1:1) or Vertical (9:16) recommended

  • Resolution: 240p minimum

  • Frame Rate: 25fps minimum

Pinterest Autoplay Video Format

  • Recommended export size in Clipchamp: 1080p resolution

  • Pinterest recommends a minimum of 500p in width and height.

  • Recommended video formats: MP4, MOV (Clipchamp always exports in MP4, but you can convert your non-compatible videos with the Clipchamp Video Converter.)

Pinterest Autoplay Video Dimensions

  • The accepted aspect ratios are 1:1 (square) 4:5 (vertical), 2:3 (vertical) or 9:16 (vertical)

  • Recommended ratio in Clipchamp: 9:16 (full portrait). Note, for videos under 9:16: colored gradient bars are rendered above and below. Content from the “Text” field is placed below video.

  • Consider leaving roughly 14% (250 pixels) of the top and bottom of the video free from text and logos to avoid covering these key elements with the profile icon or call-to-action. This means, if your video is 1080×1920, ensure key elements appear within a 1080×1420 title-safe area.

Edit this square pinterest video template

Edit this Full Portrait fashion video template

3. How To Set Up Pinterest Marketing Videos

A Business Profile must be created to post Pinterest video ads. A business profile performs and looks pretty much the same as a normal profile, but gives access to analytics and ads. The Business profile can be set up for free and can also revert a personal account to business account. Videos can only be uploaded if the company has completed the billing information. If this step is missed, the video upload option will not be enabled.

After publishing the marketing video, companies will be able to view Pinterest metrics straight away. This included pin like clicks, saves and close-ups. Businesses gain access to video views, impressions, average watch time etc. Companies are welcome to create any type of video ads, with endless ideas. Usually the most viewed Pinterest video ads are the beautifully visual storytelling ads, or a how-to helpful instruction video ads. Make a video now with Clipchamp Create.

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