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It’s been roughly six months since we first launched clipchamp.com. A lot has happened since then and if you are one of our early adopters, you would have seen a lot of improvements and additions that we gradually rolled out over time.


To name just two of these, we introduced the “Highlights Clips” feature, which lets you auto-generate 45-seconds summaries of a long input video. Bored by hours of GoPro footage? There you go.

The other feature we’re particularly proud of is our Webcam “selfie” recorder, where we capture a video right from your laptop’s Webcam and process it into a standard MP4 video file, which you can then store and share with others.

We have seen a great uptake of the Webcam selfie recording feature, which is particularly popular among Chromebook users. And while recording Webcam selfies works great for the vast majority of our users, making the feature work flawlessly and getting the experience right for all users hasn’t been without challenges. Much of that is attributed to the fact that Clipchamp truly uses bleeding-edge browser technologies. There hardly isn’t any HTML5 standard, which we do not use. That’s good fun – yet often very demanding (and sometimes nerve-racking) for us, being “early adopters” in turning those technologies into a great product for our users. Truth in advertisement mandates being transparent and responsive to the comments (and sometimes criticism) we sometimes receive from our users with regards to our service.

And so we did and will continue doing.

The last couple of days have brought a long list of improvements to our site, specifically incorporating user feedback we received. For example, it is now possible to directly save a finished selfie recording, even without converting it:


Much work has gone into optimizing the recording for low-end devices, such as many Chromebooks. We greatly improved synchronizing audio and video streams and reducing “stutters” in the audio recording.

We also added Webcam selfie recording support for Firefox and Opera, thus giving our users more choice and making our service available to an even wider audience.

We also added a “support” slider to the site, where you can directly engage with our support staff. We will also continue to post articles on this blog, which we hope you find both interesting and insightful when it comes to best using clipchamp.com. And finally, we have started a newsletter that you can subscribe to if you are interested in future product updates (no worries, it’s free and we won’t send you SPAM). If you would like to subscribe, look to the panel right of this blog posting.


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