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How to Upload Videos to YouTube Faster with the New Clipchamp

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*Video compression is now only available to Clipchamp Utilities users.

Please see our most recent article about this topic for an updated post that includes the required steps in the latest version of Clipchamp.

The screenshots below are from an outdated version of Clipchamp, the general information of the post is still relevant


Uploading videos to YouTube (or Vimeo, Facebook, etc.) can be a frustrating experience – a lot of YouTubers are wondering what they can do to speed things up and it’s certainly one of the more popular discussion threads in the YT product forum.

In a previous post, we already listed a number of possible reasons for slow uploads:

  1. The state of the YouTube/Google backend, which can sometimes suffer from temporary hiccups that cause your uploads to get slowed down.

  2. The quality of your town’s, suburb’s, street’s, building’s or apartment’s internet infrastructure, which determines the available upload speed per connected household. (check out this video streaming quality meter provided by Google)

  3. The number of devices that share your household’s internet connection. The more devices are connected while you’re attempting your upload and depending on what they do on the web, they all take away a chunk of the overall available upload bandwidth, i.e. the lower your computer’s share of it will be.

  4. The type of connection between your router and your computer – WiFi or LAN cable

  5. The age of your equipment – e.g. your router (what WiFi standard is it using, how many antennas does it have to communicate with the devices that are connected to it and how many devices are connected to it?) your computer (what WiFi connection speed is it capable of? Does it have the latest firmware for the WiFi chip?), etc.

  6. A weak or dropping WiFi signal due to interference with other devices (e.g.your microwave oven)

  7. A slow internet connection due to various other possible reasons.

In the same post, we also suggested a solution – to make video files smaller by compressing them in Clipchamp before uploading them.

In the vast majority of cases, this yields a smaller file without reducing the video’s visible quality. Smaller videos of course take much less time to upload. In addition, Clipchamp also converts those videos to MP4 or optionally WebM – both are formats that are much easier to process for video platforms and thus lead to overall faster YouTube uploads.

Faster YouTube uploads with Clipchamp

In today’s post, we’re showing you how to compress videos in the new Clipchamp, which we updated a few weeks ago, and how to upload those compressed videos straight from our web app to your YouTube channel.

The updated Clipchamp requires a slightly different sequence of steps to go through compared to the previous version – it’s all simpler and more robust than ever.

1. To start, pick the input video you want to upload to YouTube

You can select it by clicking the “Select or drop file” button or by simply dragging & dropping it onto Clipchamp.


2. Then, select some output settings or leave the defaults


3. Now, hit the Start button – the video is getting processed


4. Then, hover your mouse over “Share Video” and select the YouTube option

You can click the YouTube button even before the video has finished processing. The upload will start as soon as the video is ready. This is the easiest way to get to faster YouTube uploads, however you can also save the video to your computer first and upload the file directly on

In our example, the video’s size was reduced by more than 50% from 71 MB to 32 MB!


5. In the popup, select a title, description and the audience for your video, then click “Publish”


6. Next, you’ll need to log into your Google/YouTube account

This is only required the first time you upload a video from Clipchamp to YouTube and is necessary so that Clipchamp can upload your video into your channel.


7. After you’ve signed in, the video upload will automatically start


9. Et voilà – the video is in your channel

Depending on processing times on YouTube’s servers after the file is uploaded, it can take a couple of minutes before your video is available in your channel. Once it’s processed, it’ll look like this:


By the way, you’re in good company

Thousands of YouTubers are using Clipchamp every day already to get their videos uploaded more quickly and are happy they’ve found us.


Just give it a try using our online video compressor to see if it does the trick for you as well to get faster YouTube uploads.

This post was updated in November 2016 to include a video tutorial link and reflect some changes to Clipchamp.

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