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3 Reasons To Use Video In Content Marketing

Posted January 6, 2017
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The rise of online video in content marketing has significantly affected the way organizations are engaging their audience. But why video?

Statistics show that people tend to prefer watching videos over reading text online. Tubularinsights reports that 65% of consumers are willing to watch more than three quarters of a video but not read a page of text, giving marketers a new opportunity to quickly capture people’s attention.

It is clear that internet users love video, but what exactly makes people more inclined to watch a video over reading text?

Why Video in Content Marketing?

1. Video is easier to digest

Facebook’s vice president of European, Middle Eastern and African operations, Nicola Mendelsohn, notes that the declining use of text every year is largely due to the fact that video “helps us to digest much more information” in a shorter amount of time (Quartz). This highlights the need to create content that will connect with consumers on a deeper, more authentic level.

Entrepreneur also notes that humans are biologically more inclined to watch a video as it involves less cognitive strain and allows the person to passively take in information without much energy and effort.

2. Video gets the point across quicker

Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella states “we are moving from a world where computing power was scarce to a place where it now is almost limitless, and where the true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention.”

As people turn to online platforms to read the news or engage in conversations, the attention span of people has subsequently shortened, demonstrating why video is the preferred medium for communication over text.

A Microsoft study found that digital communication has made it more difficult for humans to stay focused. According to the study, attention spans have shrunk from 12 seconds in the year 2000, to just eight seconds in 2015. Short videos that get straight to the point are now the most effective way to capture the attention of viewers and increase engagement.

3. Video connects with our emotions

Global brand marketing manager for New Balance, Patrick Cassidy, stated “I don’t care if the video I produce doesn’t sell shoes right away. I’m trying to create a culture and feel around New Balance” further illustrating the importance of video content that connects to the consumer emotionally.

According to Forbes, the human brain is hard-wired to pay attention to people’s faces and expressions to gather information and trust. Body language and emotions are appealing and their contagious nature naturally induces people to share.

Similarly, the sound of a human voice helps to convert information into meaningful content. Thus, more content now directed towards the consumers’ emotion-based processing.

This little infographic nicely sums up why incorporating video in content marketing campaigns can benefit your business greatly:


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