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Video Tutorial – How to Achieve Faster YouTube Uploads

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Many YouTube users who publish videos on a regular basis get annoyed at how long it takes for their video to upload.

There are a number of factors that can influence video upload times from your laptop or desktop – see our previous post How to Improve Video Upload Times to YouTube and Facebook.

The most common reasons are large video file sizes combined with slow upload speeds of the user’s internet connection.

While there is no magic trick to improve upload speeds, there is a simple step you can undertake before uploading your video that will make a positive difference – video compression.

A Quick Video Tutorial

One of our users, Jack Hewitt (here is his YouTube channel), kindly created a video tutorial that walks you through the process using the Clipchamp MP4 video converter.

Following Jack’s tutorial you will get a much smaller video file at the same resolution as your original video and no visible quality difference.

As part of the tutorial, he shows you how you can upload this compressed video directly to YouTube without requiring any additional tools. You can watch it above or directly on YouTube.

The steps involved

If you’re already familiar with clipchamp, here are the steps involved in uploading a video to YouTube after the video conversion/compression is done.

The video will appear in your YouTube Video Manager shortly after it’s been uploaded from clipchamp.

Upload videos to YouTube directly in clipchamp - Step 4

Upload videos to YouTube directly in clipchamp - Step 5

You can try it yourself on, which you can also install from the Chrome Web Store.

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