How to upload videos in WhatsApp for Mac and Windows

Posted February 2, 2018
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*Video compression is now only available to Clipchamp Utilities users.

Do you need to upload videos in WhatsApp for Mac and Windows? As it stands, WhatsApp imposes a 16MB size limit for each video you want to send so depending on how large your file is, you’ll see an error message in the WhatsApp desktop client.

Therefore in order to send videos larger than 16MB, you will first need to compress them. Here’s how you can easily do this in the browser, without the files ever leaving your computer!

How to upload videos in WhatsApp for Mac and Windows

Follow these simple steps to easily send your video files through the WhatsApp desktop app

Step 1: Go to and open a free account

After opening an account, you’ll see the Clipchamp dashboard where you can drag and drop the video you want to compress into the box on the left. Clipchamp runs in the browser without uploading your videos for processing so your video files never leave your computer and you stay in control at all times.


Step 2: Choose your settings

After selecting an input video and esp. if it’s a very large video file, you’ll want to select the Mobile output settings to achieve the highest video compression. Our output settings are carefully chosen to maintain as much of the visible quality of the original video as possible.

Lowering the resolution will lead to a much smaller video file, increasing the chance of getting it below the WhatsApp file size limit. You can start the compression process by hitting Start, then simply wait for the video to get processed.


Step 3: Save your video

When the video processing is done, Clipchamp will show the finished video’s file size on the next screen. If it’s below 16 MB, save it to your computer. If it’s still too large, you can also go back to the previous step and select different output settings to reduce the file size further.

Depending on the size of your input file, some might not be able to get below the magical 16MB limit but it’s definitely worth running some tests with different output settings!


Step 4: Open WhatsApp for Mac or Windows

As the next step to get the compressed video submitted, drag and drop your file into the WhatsApp chat box, or click the paper clip button to attach the video from your computer.


Step 5: Send your video

Lastly, hit Send and voila! Your compressed video is now getting sent and that’s how you can upload videos in WhatsApp for Mac and Windows, even if they’re originally larger than WhatsApp’s upload limit 🙂


About our video compressor

Clipchamp’s products include an online video compressor and converter, making sharing of video files easier than ever. It has a free account option and all video processing is done in the browser without uploading your videos to our servers, thanks to our magic sauce. No prior experience or software installations needed!

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