Senior Back-end Developer

What is Clipchamp?

We’re a Brisbane-based video-tech company whose unique, in-browser applications overcome limitations of both desktop and cloud-based alternatives with one simple mission: to help everyone become a creator of awesome video content! Since 2016 we’ve attracted nearly 8 million global users and counting, and that’s only the beginning!

Our Philosophy

We don’t build websites. We build computationally powerful applications in browser languages.

Being the world’s first in-browser video editing platform, we tackle hard technical challenges every single day. We chose to use the browser like an operating system and handle files and operations in the browser for which browsers weren’t built. We care deeply about technical expertise, enjoying every second of what we do and millions of users love our platform.

Our Stack

We’re not religious about our tech stack, but we are pragmatic. Tech serves a purpose and if we find one that’s better suited for us, we use it! Generally, we’re adopting bleeding edge tech earlier than others. We’re upgrading our editing platform to every new Angular version the week it comes out, but we’re not married to Angular and use React in areas it makes sense.

We adopt and leverage PNaCl and WebAssembly early, and soon SIMD for WebAssembly to leverage every bit of computing power we can get our hands on. If new technology excites you — we get it. It excites us too!

As a Senior Back-end Developer, you’ll be

  • Collaborating on technical decisions related to our in-browser video editing infrastructure and improving product performance
  • Engineering solutions for video compression, rendering and export
  • Directly impacting strategic decisions with co-founders, growth hackers, designers, and other developers in small cross-functional teams
  • Advancing your career in a truly innovative environment

Who we’re looking for

  • 4+ years back-end software development
  • Passion for authentication, cloud computing and cloud storage
  • Great communication – you can consider others’ ideas, implement new methods, surface and resolve disagreements and empathise with users without breaking a sweat
  • Ambition to get things done, now, the fast lane, no bureaucracy, idleness is boring

Bonus points if you love

  • Online video and contributing to the technically challenging problems we’re solving
  • Startups – incomplete briefs, unpredictability, urgency, the need for initiative and the rapid growth opportunities that come with it!
  • Maxing out what browsers can do, that’s what we’re about! We were told you can’t build a video editing platform in browser, including encoding the final video – but we did

Clipchamp Perks & Benefits:

  • Competitive salary & share options
  • Impressive tech stack & state of the art technology
  • Providing your preferred operating system/dev environment of choice
  • Flexible work & work-life balance supporters
  • Team lunches & Sponsored social events
  • Professional learning and development


Please submit work examples when applying: website / github / opensource / portfolio link when applying.

All candidate inquiries are confidentially reviewed by Clipchamp staff. Unsolicited resumes from external recruitment agencies will not be accepted or reviewed.

About us

Clipchamp is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to ensuring an inclusive workplace where all our people feel valued for their uniquity. We welcome and encourage diversity in the workplace regardless of race, gender, religion, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or veteran status.