Clipchamp Video Request

Receive Videos From Anyone On Your Personal Video Collection Page

The Video Request is currently undergoing development - until a new version is ready you can already collect videos on your own website today through our API and its WordPress plugin.

Create a personal video collection page

Start an account and create a Video Request right away. Add title & description, select your video storage and get a Clipchamp video collection page to receive videos.

Share it with the world - privately

Share the link to your video collection page with anyone you'd like to request videos from - such as users, clients, friends, family or students. Simply copy, paste and send it.

Receive video files & webcam recordings

Receive large or small video files right into your YouTube channel or Google Drive account. You can disable links to a project you completed or create new ones at anytime.

From anyone...for any reason!

From friends and family

Whether you are organising a birthday party, a wedding or a social event for your local club, you can use the Clipchamp Video Request to ask friends and family to send you their videos in a few easy clicks, all videos will be uploaded directly to your YouTube or Google Drive account.

From customers

The Clipchamp Video Request opens up virtually limitless opportunities to businesses in all industry sectors. You could receive video files from customers to use as testimonials, or allow internal teams to share videos without sending large email attachments.

From your students

Teachers and students in schools and higher education institutions can use the Clipchamp Video Request to share videos easily and within a secure environment. Clipchamp provides a platform that is quick and easy to set up for users at all levels.

From job candidates

For companies and professionals in the recruitment or HR sectors the Clipchamp Video Request is the ideal tool to collect video resumes from candidates letting employers and hiring managers literally see and hear the candidates and help them in the selection process.

Benefits you won’t find anywhere else

Who can send me videos?

Anyone you shared the link with. They can record a video or send an existing file instantly.

Will large videos be a problem?

Large video files get compressed with no visible quality loss before they get shared with you.

How do I get videos organised?

Whether you’re getting videos from 1 or 100 people, all of them are submitted into one YouTube channel or Google Drive folder you nominate.

Common Questions

What can I do with this?

The Clipchamp Video Request lets anyone send large video files by simply creating a unique link and sharing it with whoever they want to collect videos from. Your visitors can click to either 1) record videos and upload to you or 2) upload video files they already have on their device. The Video Request produces an MP4 file (VP9 coming) and compresses the file to speed up file upload. The video file(s) are sent to the requestor’s YouTube Channel or Google Drive destination.

What's different about it?

Your users’ video files get compressed & converted on the client before they get uploaded to you. As a result, you’ll get smaller files in 1 standard format MP4 (VP9 coming) and they upload much faster. You don’t need any technical know-how to receive videos and anyone can send you videos without any technical complexity in the process.

Do videos go through Clipchamp servers?

No, all videos that you get sent from the people you share the link with get uploaded straight from their device to your YouTube or Google Drive account. Clipchamp never sees or touches the files, you’re in full control. You can thus collect any type of video safely - such as interview pitches, auditions, competition entries, customer feedback or educational videos.

Is the Clipchamp technology purely HTML5?

Yes, the Video Request is using modern web technologies and neither you or people sending you videos require Flash or any other special plugins to be installed for Clipchamp to work on their devices. The best browser to use Clipchamp in is Google Chrome.

Do Clipchamp Video Requests work on mobile?

Yes, you can collect videos across desktop and mobile devices. Just share your unique video request link with anyone you’d like to get videos from and they’re ready to go.

I was able to collect video messages for my parents' anniversary from all their friends, it was such a nice surprise for them. Thank you!!!

We ran a campaign to get testimonials from our Facebook followers. Your Enterprise plan let us use our own branding - perfect for the purpose.

The Video Request is currently undergoing development - until a new version is ready you can already collect videos on your own website today through our API and its WordPress plugin.

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