Careers at Clipchamp

Careers at Clipchamp

Help shape the future of video

Whether it’s for education, promotion, or communication, we’re all about making it incredibly easy to create videos with impact.

Our Values

At the core of everything we do are people – our team, our partners, our users. We make it our mission to understand their problems and work on solutions for them. So we have a few mantras we live by to help make that possible:

Be Bold

We work on the cutting edge of tech and what we’re trying to achieve stretches the limits of what people thought could be done in browsers. We challenge ourselves to reach new milestones, test new ideas, celebrate when we get there, and then challenge ourselves to do more.

Stay Curious

At Clipchamp, we check egos at the door! We enjoy finding new ways to understand the world, our users in it and each other. We value questions, remain genuinely receptive to new ideas and view differences as opportunities to expand our knowledge and achieve better results.

Growth Mindsets Matter

Clipchampions accomplish a lot because we’re constantly learning a lot. We turn our mistakes into ongoing opportunities and continue refining our skill sets that support growth – in ourselves, our product and our global community. And we do it on the daily! We break things. We experiment. We optimise. All in the name of making our product simple and enjoyable for users.

Model Human Goodness

Empathy. Humility. Reliability. Honesty. Inclusion. Forgiveness. Respect. And More. Everyday we’re a team that our users depend on, and we depend on each other. We take responsibility for our actions, own our deliverables, and set high standards for ourselves to contribute to the well being of others.

Love what you do

Passion is energy. That’s what we have! We are passionate about our product and goals and we care about what we do. Actually, we love it! Loving what we do allows us to wake up each day excited to get the job done, share our energy with others, and keep a positive focus when tackling the big stuff.


Open Positions


Senior Full Stack Developer

Brisbane, Australia

Strong frontend with backend experience, Angular 2+ (or similar SPA framework), Typescript, API Design. 4+ years of development experience

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Senior C Developer

Brisbane, Australia

Strong low-level programming skills, C, Assembler, signal processing, ideally ffmpeg, WebGL, 4+ years of development experience

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Senior iOS Developer

Brisbane, Australia

Strong background in native mobile frameworks and APIs, iOS SDK, C, OpenGL, 4+ years of development experience

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Why Clipchamp?

Everyday our team is giving us their best and we’re committed to doing the same for our team!


Flexible Work Culture


Learning and Growth Opportunities


Great City Location


On-site Yoga and Pilates


Beer O'clock Fridays & Sponsored Social Events


Real-time Impact

Clipchampion Testimonials

"I feel like I am contributing to something bigger here. On my first day as an intern, I had already made a change that was deployed to thousands of people."
Bennett, Jr Software Engineer
"I enjoy actually having influence on the decisions that are being made. You can bring up your own opinions and see your suggestions be explored and implemented."
Timo, Sr Software Engineer
"There's no real hierarchy so things move really quickly; positions you've made quickly come to fruition."
Anna, Head of Growth

Our Hiring Philosophy

Changing your career is a big move and we understand that. We think the process should be transparent to help you focus on what matters: getting to know us and us getting to know you. So we keep the communication channels flowing throughout the full process – providing you opportunities to ask questions and letting you know exactly where you stand.


1) Getting to know you

We always start with a few opportunities to discuss the role and ask questions before we ask for your time away from other commitments. To begin, a member of our team will give you a call to chat on some general questions about you and your achievements. If you’re still feeling good about us, we’ll schedule one more with a technical expert on your specific areas of expertise.

2) Let's see you in action

We’re a small collaborative team that really know our stuff, so our next step is providing you an opportunity to show us you do to. During our chats, we’ll make sure you receive a technical challenge to tackle, that hopefully you find fun too! We understand this is a commitment to complete, so we’ll commit back by ensuring you get feedback on the results.


3) Meeting our team

So much of what we do happens because we’re a team, so we think it’s important you get to meet the great people you’ll be working with before coming on board. Our team would love to know how you work, how you think, and what working together might feel like, so we’ll set up a series of short interviews with the different folks you’ll be running into on the daily. And don’t worry, we’ll give you all the details before you say hello – this is for you to get a feel for us to!

Questions about working at Clipchamp?

We’re always looking for new team members in software engineering, design and growth. If you enjoy making complex things simple and you’d like to connect on doing that with us, feel free to get it touch.

Email or connect on Linkedin.