Javascript Webcam API

Let your audience record and upload video on your website

Receive video from your users

Please note – the Collect API is not available for new signups anymore.

Use our Collect API to start receiving videos from your users on your own website. People can record instantly or upload an existing video. Files get sent to your YouTube, Google Drive, Dropbox, MS Azure or AWS S3 account, directly from your users’ devices without a detour through our servers for better privacy protection. All HTML5, no Flash or other unsecure technologies.

Please note – the Collect API is not available for new signups anymore.

Easy as one, two, three


Register for a free 14-day API trial account with Clipchamp.


Add your domain(s) and an upload target to your account settings.


Embed the script to your site and start receiving videos.

All the benefits under the sun

HTML5 webcam recording

Users record videos directly on your site through our embeddable HTML5 camera recorder. They can optionally also submit files they already have on their device.

Many parameters

Adjust our API to fit your scenario through its broad range of parameters. All options including the JavaScript camera can be fully customized.

No server-side transcoding

User videos get converted on the client and submitted to you in 1 integrated workflow. You receive streaming-ready files in a standard format – e.g. MP4, WebM, FLV.

Many upload targets

Receive user videos to YouTubeGoogle DriveDropboxAWS S3 or MS Azure. Set up your own upload target through the Blob output option.

Client-side video compression

Videos also get compressed on the user’s device before they’re sent to your Cloud storage. Smaller files upload faster, you control the compression level.

Complete privacy

Clipchamp never has access to your users’ video files. Videos are sent directly from user devices to your upload target.

What our customers are saying


Protecting our users’ privacy is critical to us. We wanted a solution that didn't involve sending their sensitive data such as video files to a third party for processing. Clipchamp's HTML5 video camera and its direct upload from the client to our cloud storage fit the bill perfectly.


Their video ingest API is on the cutting edge. We’re able to receive fully transcoded video files directly to our cloud storage without the need to transcode them on our own servers. Clipchamp is the Holy Grail of video transcoding!


Clipchamp's JavaScript webcam is trouble-free, which continues to make our students and teachers happy. We’re thankful for all the positive feedback we’ve received from our users because of this feature. Solid proof that Clipchamp was the right solution for our needs.

More than 14 million users and counting

We’ve been developing unique, proprietary technology to bring video to the internet since 2014. In this short time our innovative compression approach, in-built privacy, and browser-based video converter and recorder have served millions of people worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

  • Can I pass videos directly to the API without manual user interaction?

    Yes that is possible through the direct.files parameter. It’s available as part of the Clipchamp API’s input options and allows you to upload your users’ video files without them having to manually trigger the upload.

  • Can I remove all Clipchamp branding?

    Yes, you can remove the Clipchamp branding and set up your own branding for the API.

  • Can I embed the API In a Squarespace site?

    Yes! It just requires a few extra steps on top of the standard installation process.

Please note – the Collect API is not available for new signups anymore.