localization: object

Default value: undefined

可以本地化的字符串表格。用来调整API中所有的用户面向元素 ,在网站不是英语的情况下,使用网站的语言呈现。你也可以用这些字符串,去除你完全不想让用户看到的文字片段。

strings: object

Default value: undefined

提供字符串本地化的关键值绘图。查看字符串本地化表格以了解关键列表及其默认数值,作为翻译的指南。 如果有关键值遗漏,它将保留默认数值。 注意: 如果有新功能加入,就会有新的字符串添加。

String ID Default value
btn_cancel_upload Cancel Upload
btn_close Close
btn_record_again Record again
btn_record_video Record Video
btn_retry Try again
btn_select_file Select File
btn_select_or_drop_file Select or Drop File
btn_try_again Try again
bummer Bummer
confirm_close Caution: Your video will be lost, click OK to confirm
confirm_leave Your video has not yet finished uploading, if you leave now the process will be canceled.
download Download
drop_video_here Drop your video here.
err_processing couldn’t be processed
err_upload couldn’t be uploaded
err_video_filename doesn’t look like a video file
err_video_probe could not be determined to be a video
err_video_transcode failed to compress
failure_because It appears we’re here because
failure_count Failures
failure_meanwhile Meanwhile
failure_partial_because file(s) failed to process, and it appears
failure_partial_however However
failure_preview Could not extract preview image.
failure_upload We were unable to upload your video, this might be due to a loss in network connectivity. Would you like to try again?
first_use First use, loading transcoder module
not_now Not now
ooops Ooops
outdated_browser_info You are using an outdated version of
outdated_browser_link For best performance, download the latest version.
please_wait Please wait
record_is_not_supported We’re sorry, video recording is unfortunately not supported by your browser
record_unavailable Unavailable
something_went_wrong something went terribly wrong, we’re trying our darndest to figure out why.
submit_video Submit Video
task_finalize Finalizing
task_retry Retrying
task_transcode Preparing
task_upload Uploading
task_validate Analyzing
thank_you Thank you!
time_remaining Remaining:
video_uploaded Your video has been uploaded.
webcam_allow Please allow us to enable your webcam
webcam_camera Camera
webcam_cancel Cancel
webcam_default_camera Default camera
webcam_default_mic Default microphone
webcam_loading Loading
webcam_microphone Microphone
webcam_one_moment One moment
webcam_ooops Ooops, something went wrong
webcam_postproc Post processing …
webcam_rec_continue Continue Recording
webcam_rec_finish Finish Recording
webcam_rec_space_to_toggle Press ‘Space Bar’ to toggle record/pause
webcam_rec_start Start Recording
webcam_res_hi High Definition
webcam_res_lo Low Definition
webcam_res_std Standard Definition
webcam_still_loading we’re still loading …