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A special offer for Chromebook users

Clipchamp is the go-to video editor for Chromebook users. Enjoy creating videos quickly and easily on your favourite device.  


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2 free months of video editing

We're giving Chromebook users an extended 2 month free trial of Clipchamp. Follow the instructions below to get started.

How to use your Chromeperks code

  • 1

    Click the "Collect your Chromeperks code" button below and follow the instructions to get your unique code.

  • 2

    Create your Clipchamp account.

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    Once you're logged in, click 'Upgrade'.

  • 4

    Select your plan type you wish to trial for FREE.

  • 5

    Apply your unique code in the coupon box to reduce the cost to $0, then choose a payment method and click Continue.

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Create your Clipchamp account.
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Select a monthly subscription.
Apply the code.

Create videos with our professional tools and features

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Trim and cut

Trim videos to remove unwanted parts and spotlight the most important footage.

Split and combine

Cut longer videos into smaller snippets, delete unwanted parts and only keep what you like. You can also combine multiple clips into one video.

Flip, mirror and rotate

Flip and mirror videos including webcam recordings horizontally and vertically. Rotate videos clockwise or counterclockwise by 90 and 180 degrees.

Online video resizer nav icon

Crop and resize

Crop your video assets using preset sizes or freehand so that only a segment appears. Preserve the video’s aspect ratio, crop to fill the screen or resize to suit any social media. 

Add audio and images

Add still images to your edit or adjust audio levels to your heart’s content – add multiple audio tracks, separate audio from video or replace audio completely.

Use filters and transitions

Filters give your editing a consistent look and feel. Add transitions and fades to create the perfect video slideshow.

Add text, titles, and graphics

Use any font, size and color, and position your text anywhere in the video. With our brand kit features, you can also add your own logo or watermark.

Balance colours and add backgrounds

Adjust and balance colors manually, add backgrounds and use blend mode to adjust opacity of colored video overlays.

Purple AI voice over icon

Add AI voiceover

Use the text to speech generator to create a voiceover in 70 different languages. Pick from 170 lifelike voices, adjust their speed and pitch and add to your video for free.

2 free months of Clipchamp

Collect your code to get started.