Screen & camera recorder

Record your screen and webcam simultaneously. Our recorder is an essential tool for presentations, virtual training, react videos, and more.

Someone edits screen and camera recordings in the Clipchamp video editor.
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Communicate with ease

Ever had a meeting that could've been an email? There's a better option — video. Forget lengthy meetings, and long messages, and start communicating effectively with screen & camera recordings.

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Make memorable connections

Put a face to a name by recording yourself on-camera. Combining webcam and screen recordings is an effective way to humanize your content and connect with your audience.

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Edit recordings efficiently

Make easy edits to your screen and webcam recordings in our video editor. Trim away awkward silences and technical difficulties in seconds for a seamless end result.

Everything in browser

With our online screen recorder you'll get your entire project done in one place. Record, edit and export in a few simple steps. No more downloading or switching between programs.

Everything in browser

Professional editing features

We go beyond just screen recording to offer you all of the professional features and tools you need to tell your stories. Trim and clip your recordings, add fun filters and overlay motion text to produce great videos.

Professional editing features

Easy audio recording

Turn up the volume on your screen recordings with sound. Our online screen recorder allows you to capture audio from inside your browser tab and from your computer's microphone for easy voice overs.


How our online screen recorder works


Select the screen you want to record.


Complete your screen recording and it will appear in the editor.


Edit your screen recording.


When you're done, export and share.

Select the screen you want to record

Explore our blog

Need help with screen & camera recording?

Head to our blog for helpful tips and tutorials about camera & screen recording. We'll take you through the process step by step – from capturing your screen and webcam, to editing your recording, to exporting. Whether you're creating content for your students or making training resources for your team, we're here for you.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is there a time limit on screen recordings?

    Yes. There is a 30 minute limit on screen recordings in Clipchamp.

    If you want to produce a screen recording video longer than this, simply do multiple screen recordings (up to 30 minutes) and edit them together.

  • Does the online screen recorder capture audio?

    Yes. Our online screen recorder can capture the audio playing in your browser tab and the audio picked up by your computer's microphone.

    To enable browser tab audio recording, you will need to select the Chrome Tab option in the window that appears before you start recording.

    You will then need to select a tab from the options provided and check the box that says Share Audio in the bottom left corner of the window. Finally, click the Share button to start recording.

    To enable microphone recording (an excellent tool for creating screen recording voice overs), you will need to allow Clipchamp to access your microphone. When you see a pop up asking for access, simply choose Allow and you'll be ready to record.

  • Can I use media in addition to my screen recording in my video?

    Yes. Once you have completed your screen recording it will appear in the editor's Media Library like any other piece of media.

    In addition to screen recordings, you can upload your own videos and audio to the Media Library or select stock footage or audio from our extensive Stock Library.

    From here, you can add any of these pieces of media to the Timeline and begin to edit your video.

  • Can I add effects, filters and text to a screen recording?

    Yes. Once you have completed your screen recording, it will appear as a piece of media in the editor's Media Library.

    You can edit this piece of media as you would any other. Drag and drop it to the Timeline, trim it, add filters, effects and overlay motion titles or text.

  • Can I download my screen recording as an individual file?

    Yes. As well as appearing in the editor's Media Library, upon completion, your screen recording will also download directly to your computer as a separate MP4 file.

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Capture content on screen 

Screen recording is an essential tool for video makers everywhere. Capturing video and audio right inside your computer makes projects like product demos and educational videos a breeze.