Screen and camera recorder

Record your screen and webcam online for free, with guaranteed privacy.

An image of the screen and camera recorder in Clipchamp.

Versatile recording features

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Flexible screen recording options

Capture a tab, window, or entire computer screen with or without sound and no hidden downloads required. Add a face to your video by simultaneously recording your screen and webcam.

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Unlimited retakes, watermark free

Make multiple screen recordings on your Windows and Mac device without any watermarks. Record your screen and camera in 30 minute sessions, as many times as you like. Require additional time? Just generate multiple recordings.  

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Refine your recordings

Improve the tone, clarity, and pace of your screen and webcam recordings by gaining insights with speaker coach. Add subtitles and generate accurate transcripts to enhance accessibility

How to record your screen and camera in Clipchamp

  • 1

    Click the screen and camera recorder

  • 2

    Select your microphone source, camera, and speaker coach

  • 3

    Choose a tab, window, or entire screen to start recording

  • 4

    Preview and save your recording to the timeline

An image of a user clicking on the screen & camera button.
An image of a user clicking on the microphone source.
An image of a user clicking on a chrome tab then share button.
An image of a user saving their screen and camera recording.

Entertain viewers on social media

An image of a gameplay background with a webcam overlay of a woman playing the video game.

Teach students from anywhere

An image of a presentation background with an overlay of a woman smiling into her webcam.

Assist new employees and customers

A close-up of a man's face sharing his excel document using the screen and webcam recorder feature.

Screen and camera recording tips

  • Resize your screen recording to vertical or horizontal aspect ratios to suit any platform like YouTube, LinkedIn, or social media stories.  

  • Customize the layout of your video by freely rearranging webcam footage so viewers never miss important screen information.  

  • Personalize screen recordings for social media with like and subscribe animations, notification stickers, emojis, and GIFs.  

  • Save time and money by adding AI voiceovers or create your own online voice recording instead of hiring expensive voice talent.  

An image of the screen and camera recorder.

Need more help screen recording with audio?

Learn how to screen record with audio and easily add voiceovers in our step-by-step guide.

An image of a computer browser tab open with a user using the screen recording feature.

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