Make Video Overlays for Video Presentations & YouTube

Easily add a text, picture or video overlay to personalize your video or sales presentation with your face, create YouTube reaction videos, or add branding to your OBS/stream recordings.

Picture in picture example

How to make a video overlay in minutes! 

Why use Clipchamp’s video editor to add video overlays? 

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Flawless picture-in-picture experience

Superimpose multiple videos to create the picture-in-picture effect.

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Amazing motion graphics

Add creative motion graphics to add titles and more to your videos.

Captivating stock videos and audio tracks

Pick from 800k stock library assets to create professional-looking videos.


Learn more about video overlays

A video overlay is an image or animation that you can add to your videos which will appear on the bottom of the video screen over the video. Follow our step-by-step tutorial on how to show an image or video on top of another video

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