Professional video features

Explore easy and smart video editing features that can help you create amazing videos. No downloads required.

An abstract image of Clipchamp video editor being used to add music to a video


Drag, drop and create amazing videos—no professional skills needed.

  • Screen recorder: Record your screen and sound directly from your browser.

  • Camera recorder: Record your webcam and your screen to make perfect video explainers.

  • Templates and stock: Choose a video template or use high quality stock to make eye catching videos.

  • GIF Maker: Turn any video clip into a GIF animation and liven up your videos.

An image of a woman recording a webcam video and adding video effects, stickers and subtitles to her video in Clipchamp video editor


Use simple and advanced editing tools to edit like a pro.

  • Trim and crop: Clip media using the trim tool and remove unwanted footage using the crop tool to make high impact videos.

  • Resize: Create and convert videos to the perfect aspect ratio size with the video resizer tool.

  • Green Screen: Replace your video background with exciting stock videos and special effects.

  • Audio: Edit your video's sound freelysplit audio and video footage, remove audio or replace it with stock music & sound effects.

An image showing how to resize social media videos in Clipchamp


Add finishing touches to boost your video's wow factor.

  • Text to speech: Generate a flawless voiceover in global languages to make videos with great reach.

  • Audio and voice recorder: Record your voice from your microphone to create authentic voiceovers.

  • Subtitles: Create accessible and easy-to-follow videos with subtitles in any language.

  • Silence remover: Find and erase unwanted silences and pauses automatically in any media.

  • Overlays: Drag and drop to layer videos, text, images on your video footage.

  • Brand kit: Make recognizable videos by importing your brand logo, font and colors.

  • Video enhancer: Improve your video quality by adjusting brightness, saturation, contrast, and more. 

  • Background removal: Easily remove the background of any image and replace with stock video, images, solid colors, and more.

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