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Our free online video editor is equipped with professional features that are easy to use and produce excellent results.


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Everything you need is right here

Whether you're creating a quick clip or a cinematic masterpiece, our features have you covered. Explore out what our free online video editor has to offer and you'll be wowing your viewers with professional quality videos in no time!

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Clipchamp Teams BETA

Clipchamp Teams is a new functionality created to help you and your collaborators work on video projects together. Now, you can create a team, invite members and edit video projects in Clipchamp.

Video resizer

It’s a perfect fit! Change the aspect ratios of your videos in a few quick clicks with our free online video resizer. Choose from a variety of dimensions that are post perfect for Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and more.

Green Screen

Create blockbuster effects on a budget. No matter your project, our free online Green Screen video editor will add a touch of magic to your videos. Replace backgrounds and add overlays and gifs in minutes.

Picture in Picture

Take your communication to the next level! With our free online Picture in Picture video editor, you can overlay videos, images and slideshows in a single project. Produce excellent lectures, reactions, gameplay and more.

AI voice over

Introducing a new type of storyteller. Our AI voice over generator turns text into speech in an instant and gives you a range of narrators to choose from. Produce professional sounding ads and documentaries.

Audio Visualiser

See your sound on screen. With our Audio Visualiser, you can transform audio recordings into dynamic animations. Produce music videos and podcast videos to reach listeners on new platforms.


Turn up the volume on your videos by adding music. Our online video editor enables you to add your own music tracks to projects or explore our extensive stock audio library. It can be as easy as drag and drop, or you can dive deeper and edit the volume, speed and more.

Video memes

Make your own memes. Our video meme generator is the only tool you need to DIY the internet's favourite communication tool. Create lol-worthy content in minutes using GIPHYs, stock footage and meme motion titles.

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