Transform photo albums into engaging slideshow videos

Make movie magic out of your photos and video clips for free. Use Clipchamp’s online editor to animate your slideshow with music, stylized transitions, and graphic text elements.

Get started with these slideshow video essentials

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Capture the imagination of your audience by presenting your photos and video clips as a story.

Any collection of photos and video clips can be arranged into a sequence, but presenting it as a story can captivate an audience and turn a slideshow video into something evocative and memorable.

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Intentional pacing

Pacing can be set according to the background music or the emphasis you want to place on any given slide.

The pacing of your slides could be sped up for intensity or slowed down for emphasis. It all depends on the story you want to tell — whether it’s your vacation experience or a tutorial for your colleagues.

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Captions and subtitles

Let your slideshow speak for itself by setting it up with text and transitions.

Slideshows don’t have to come with a presenter anymore. By automating your slides, adding helpful captions, and rendering it all into a video, you can easily compress knowledge and experience into one shareable file.

Step 1

Start a slideshow by uploading your media

Open up Clipchamp and start by selecting from the available video templates or by creating a new video project from scratch. Once you’re inside the editor, browse through files and add your photos and clips to the media library.

Step 2

Add a music track to your slideshow

In addition to your visuals, upload your audio files to the editor and drag and drop it to your timeline, right below the images and clips. There are extra tracks on the timeline for audio, so there’s ample space for both your background music and voice over.

Step 3

Apply filters to create movement

Give your slideshow a cinematic feel by applying dynamic moving filters. Simply select an image from your timeline, browse through the available filters and select your favourite to use the effect. 

Step 4

Trim and sync your visuals and audio together

Set your slides to the tune of your background music by aligning them on the timeline. The preview area on the right-hand side shows you the playback timing of your slideshow video.

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Clipchamp Guide

How to Create Video Slideshows

Whether you want to showcase your product or create a photo montage of your holiday, video slideshows can turn any selection of images or videos into an exciting production. Learn how to do just that with our step-by-step tutorial on creating video slideshows.

How To Guide
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Combine photos and videos

Create new stories out of the files you have in storage. Simply upload your photos and clips on Clipchamp and arrange them on the video timeline with drag-and-drop ease.

Add music and voice overs

Your slideshow doesn’t have to be silent film. Add rhythm to your presentation by uploading your audio files to the Clipchamp editor and synching them with your visuals.

Add movement to images

No video? No problem. Set your photos in motion with Clipchamp’s Slow Zoom feature and create your most dynamic slideshows yet.

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With the accessible editing tools on Clipchamp Create, you can storify photo albums and video clips in new and engaging ways. Clipchamp has simplified video-making by combining modern editing essentials into an intuitive online platform that you can access for free, anytime.

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