Build your brand kit

Create consistent video content. Simply set your brand fonts, colors, and logos, then easily apply them to any video.

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Create brand consistency

A consistent look and feel builds customer trust in your brand. Deliver clean, consistent videos that are memorable for all the right reasons.

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Get assets organized

Save time searching for brand assets by storing them all in one place — your brand kit. With this feature, you can simply upload, set and forget.

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Empower your team

Brand kit gets everyone on the same page. Create a kit for your team, and never worry about someone using the incorrect fonts, colors or logos again.

Brand fonts

Write it right

Fonts are a big part of your brand, and with captioning on the rise, they're a big part of your videos too. Build out your brand kit with a selection of fonts from our library or upload your own custom fonts.

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Brand colors

Set the tone

Brand color palettes can become iconic, so it's important to get them right. Thanks to our brand kit, you can create countless palettes for your videos. Select shades from our color picker or copy and paste your pre-selected hex codes.

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Brand logos

Make your mark

Your logo is your brand's signature, so we better see it in your videos. Upload your logo (or logos) to your brand kit so they can easily be added to your content. Play with placement, transparency and animation too!

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How to create your brand kit

  • 1

    Discover brand kit on the homepage or in the sidebar.

  • 2

    Upload or select your fonts, colors and logos.

  • 3

    Edit your video using your brand kit.

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A computer mouse hovers over a brand color palette in the Clipchamp video editor.
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Need help with brand kit?

If you're not fully on-board with how to get your videos on-brand, head to our blog. Our team has written up all of the info you need to know about this feature, and how it can make your brand's videos better than ever.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Unfortunately, brand kit isn't available to Clipchamp users on a free plan.

    Clipchamp Essentials plan subscribers can access the brand kit feature.

  • Yes. You can create one brand kit per space you work in. That means you can have one kit for your personal space and one brand kit for each of the teams you create.

  • Yes. Brand kit is the perfect way to make sure your team's videos stay on-brand.

    To make a brand kit for your team, simply create one in the sidebar of a team video or create a new brand kit in your team space on the home page.

  • Currently, you'll need to manually select fonts, colors, and logos from your brand kit to apply them to your videos.

    We hope to make these even easier to apply in the future.

  • No. You can upload an unlimited amount of assets to your brand kit, but we suggest less is best.

  • Yes. If you can't find the font you need in Clipchamp's font library, simply click the upload a font button to upload a custom font.

Always be on-brand

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