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How to Post a YouTube Video on Instagram – Top Hacks

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When we think about the best video sharing platform, YouTube is typically the go-to choice when wanting to reach a wider audience. YouTube has been everyone's favorite video sharing platform for decades, although today, Instagram isn’t far behind. Instagram can possibly reach more viewers in a shorter amount of time!

How to post a Youtube video on Instagram - Top Hacks - Clipchamp Blog

So, how do you share your YouTube videos to Instagram? Without the right instructions,  it can be quite a frustrating task. This blog will teach you all the top hacks for successfully sharing a YouTube video on Instagram.

  • How to post YouTube video on Instagram

    • Shorten the length of your YouTube video using Clipchamp

    • Clipchamp’s Rotation tool

    • Compress file size of your YouTube video using Clipchamp

  • Top hacks to complete the process faster 

How to post YouTube video on Instagram

Unfortunately, Instagram hasn't made sharing YouTube videos on its platform the easiest process. There are quite a few steps users need to follow, so we have made a step-by step tutorial. Follow along below and easily edit your YouTube video to fit Instagram requirements using Clipchamp.  

Step 1. Download your video from YouTube

Firstly you will need to download the selected video directly from YouTube. If you have YouTube Premium, you can directly save videos as you need them. This comes with a costly fee of $14.99 a month. Alternatively for free, copy the URL of the YouTube video and head over to a YouTube downloader site such as YTMP3. Paste the video URL into the conversion bar, select MP4 and click Convert. You can now either save your video directly to your electronic device or Dropbox, or covert another video. 

How to post a Youtube video on Instagram - Step 1

Step 2. Edit your video to Instagram’s video requirements

Your saved YouTube video will require some editing before you can post it on Instagram. Either convert your video to size using Clipchamps inbrowser video editor or our online compression and rotation tools. We’ve got you covered. 

1. Shorten the length of your YouTube video using Clipchamp

Instagram only accepts videos that are a maximum of 60 seconds when posted as an Instagram Feed post. If your YouTube video is over a minute long, you can shorten the video in Clipchamps editor. Your YouTube video will then turn into a teaser video or preview for Instagram. Log into Clipchamp or sign up for free and create a new project. 

Shorten the length of your YouTube video using Clipchamp

Add your YouTube video to your media library. Drag and drop your video onto the timeline. Select the 60 second mark on your timeline. Click the snip tool, then delete unwanted footage by clicking the trash can. Click Export to save your video. We recommend saving your new video as 1080p and maximum compression.  

2. Clipchamp's Rotation tool

Within Clipchamps video editor, you can also change the aspect ratio of your video if desired. Instagram feed posts are 1:1 aspect ratio and Instagram stories and IGTV’s are 9:16 aspect ratio. Our tutorial will show you how to change your aspect ratio from YouTube’s 16:9 to Instagram feed 1:1 square. 

Rotate Youtube video to post on instagram

Under the Export button, there is a symbol of your current aspect ratio. Click your 16:9 ratio, then click 1:1 or the ratio you would like. Your video will appear to now have a black border around it. You can either keep the black border or click the video preview, and select full screen. Click Export to save your video.

3. Compress file size of your YouTube video using Clipchamp

YouTube videos are usually large in size being uploaded in 1080p resolution. Instagram accepts a maximum of 15 MB file size so users will most likely have to shrink their MP4 file size before uploading. Our online compression tool is the fastest way to compress videos without downloading any software. 

Compress file size of your YouTube video using Clipchamp

Head over to our Video Compressor, then click Compress video now. Drag and drop your YouTube video or Select from files. Choose what format you want to compress your video to. We have chosen to optimize for the Web. Click Start when ready to compress. Save your video when finished. 

For more tips and tricks on compression, check out our How to compress videos for Instagram blog. 

Step 3. Upload your new video to Instagram

It’s now time to upload your video to Instagram! Here’s how: 

  1. Transfer your new video from your desktop to mobile device. You can use iCloud or AirDrop for our Apple users, or another type of file transfer such as DropBox or Google Drive

  2. Open Instagram on your phone or tablet

  3. Select the Share button on the top right corner of your phone screen. It looks like a small square with a + cross in it

  4. Choose the video from your Photos library then click Next 

  5. Edit the filter and colour of the video if desired, then click Next again

  6. Write a caption, tag people, location or products. Once complete, click Share.

And that’s it! Your video will now be posted on Instagram for users to view, like, share and comment. 

Top Hacks to complete the process faster

Hack 1: Continue editing an existing video

When you first create your YouTube video, you should opt to use a program that saves your edited video within your profile so you can go back at any time to edit again and resave. If you originally edit your YouTube video with Clipchamp, you can come back anytime and open the same video to continue editing. You can alter the aspect ratio before resaving the video in a smaller resolution. This will make the ratio and compression stages a lot quicker, meaning less hassle for users. 

Post Youtube video on instagram by changing the aspect ratio before resaving the video in a smaller resolution in Clipchamp

Hack 2: Share directly to social media via Clipchamp

Once you have saved your video in Clipchamp, you will see lots of sharing options on your screen. You can directly send the video to your phone via Messenger, text or DropBox to avoid the transfer stage from desktop to mobile device. You can also use a special tool for posting - Onlypult.

Share your video directly to social media via Clipchamp

Do you need extra help?

Posting YouTube videos to Instagram isn’t impossible, it just requires a lot of steps when working from desktop and sending to mobile devices. If you’re still unsure, take a look at our How to convert videos for Instagram. It might just give you some extra tips you’re looking for.

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Written by Christie Passaris on December 21, 2020
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