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How to remix Instagram Reels and easily collaborate with creators

Posted May 17, 2021
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Move over TikTok, Instagram Reel’s newest video editing feature is here! Introducing Remix.

Just like TikTok’s Duet feature, Remix allows Instagram users to respond to existing Reels and collaborate with creators all over the world. Whether you want to respond to product videos, demo videos, funny skits or boost your video marketing game, the Remix feature is your new go-to. 

So how do you use this new collaboration tool for your small business? This blog will explain all the new features Remix has to offer, answer all your FAQs and share how it can be worked into any brand or small business video marketing strategy. Find out how our online video editor can help. 

  • What are Instagram Reels? 

  • What is the new Instagram Reels Remix feature? 

  • How the Remix Reel feature can help your small business - examples and ideas 

  • FAQ 1: How to enable and disable Remix feature 

  • FAQ 2: What Reels can I Remix?

  • FAQ 3: Can I remix a Remixed Reel?

  • FAQ 4: Can I add captions to a Remix Reel?

  • How to Remix a Reel on Instagram - a step-by-step guide

Remix Reels examples

What are Instagram Reels?

Let us start off with the basics as some of us may not even know what an Instagram Reel is. Back in 2020, Instagram launched its Reel feature. This tool created a new way for users to create, discover short and entertaining videos on Instagram.

Instagram stories are designed to be more of a social feature, including quick snippets of video and images users want to share with their followers. Reels, on the other hand, were designed to be a pure entertainment tool, giving users the ability to share longer, in-depth videos.

If you’re looking for help on how to make Instagram videos and Reels, check out our Instagram Video Maker to assist your Instagram video marketing needs.

What are Instagram Reels?

What is the new Instagram Reels Remix feature?

We can’t exactly say this feature is “never seen before” (TikTok Duet, anybody?!).

Instagram’s Remix reels feature allows users to respond to Reels by appearing next to the original Reel video.

This new feature is available to any Instagram user, as long as the original creator has enabled Remix access from their profile.

The feature was created to encourage comedic reactions, challenges and dance collaborations, however, small businesses and brands can take advantage of this tool as well. How? Think customer reactions, interviews, competitor ad reactions, just to name a few. We dive deeper into how your brand’s video marketing strategy can benefit from Remix Reels below.

What is the new Instagram Reels Remix feature?

How the 'Remix Reel' feature can help your small business - examples and ideas 

Any feature that Instagram launches should be utilized by your brand or small business to help boost sales and reach a wider audience. Instagram Reels Remix feature can definitely push engagement and brand content as remix offers a way to record a Reel video alongside a video from another user.

Creators can now engage and react “virtually face-to-face” with top content made by fellow influencers and brands.

Remix Reels feature can improve any accounts’ organic reach, so it’s definitely worth a try. Video marketing is forever evolving, so your marketing strategy needs to adapt to this new medium as well.

Remix Reel ideas for your small business

1. Customer review Remix Reels

Picture this: a customer has purchased your product, tested it and decides the product is amazing. The consumer then remixes one of your Instagram marketing Reels of that specific product to tell fellow Instagram brand fans their positive feedback and great review. It’s basically a free customer testimonial video!

If consumers adore your product, they will want to share their opinion, so what better way to do so than Remix Reels. Your user reach has the ability to double or even triple in size as you will then gain views from the Remix on top of your original Reel. 

2. Viewer reaction Remix Reels

Customers and potential customers can be great assets to your brand’s marketing strategy and exposure. Let’s say your brand posts a never before seen product demo video on Instagram Reels. Creators can Remix this Reel and show their real-life, genuine reaction. Whether it’s excitement, confusion or pure interest, your brand will be exposed to a wider potential customer base. Viewer reactions can be extremely beneficial to your video marketing strategy as potential customers can be more inclined to either purchase the product or view your online store just by the positive reaction.

3. Competitor ad reactions Remix Reels

In most cases, brand competitors are seen to be the archnemesis, but in a Remix Reel case, a competitor ad reaction could just be the exposure your brand needs.

Competitors usually sell the same or similar products, so there is a competition between who will be the most popular brand. Remixing a competitor ad and reacting to it with a review or even with your own ad can give your brand the leverage you need.

Not only will viewers of the opposing brand possibly see your Remix, but they might also even click on your website or Instagram page to purchase. Your product may even be better than the opposition, so generating as much online exposure as possible is key.

Remember to always keep your video marketing professional, though!

FAQ 1: How to enable and disable Remix feature

Remix Reels can expose your brand, small business and profile up to millions of potential collaborations. Your Instagram reach can skyrocket and even go viral with one Remix Reel. So how do you enable and disable this feature? 

Head over to your Instagram app and click Settings > Privacy > Reels > Turn on the Enable Remix toggle. 

You can enable and disable the Remix Reel feature by using this toggle. To enable this feature only for an individual Reel, click on the three dots on the right toolbar > Enable remixing. 

How to enable Instagram Reels Remix

FAQ 2: What Reels can I Remix?

You can Remix any Reel that has the “Remix This Reel” option when you click on the three dots on the right toolbar. 

How to remix a Reel

FAQ 3: Can I Remix a remixed Reel?

Unfortunately, Instagram hasn’t created the Remix a Remix Reel feature yet, but you can use our online video editor to achieve the same look!

All you have to do is save the Instagram Remix Reel to your electronic device, film your reaction video to the Remix Reel, and upload both videos to Clipchamp. You can edit the videos together using the freehand tool

Remix Reels with clipchamp editor

FAQ 4: Can I add subtitles to my Instagram Remix Reel?

You can add text to your Remix Reel on Instagram directly, but they do not offer a captions feature. To add captions or subtitles to your Remix Reel, save your Reel to your iPhone, then upload to our Clipchamp app.

Our subtitles feature will automatically generate subtitles to your video. Save the video and upload it to Instagram. Check out our Add Captions to Video blog for more information.

How to Remix a Reel on Instagram - Step-by-step guide

Now let us dive into how to Remix a Reel on Instagram! It is easy to Remix Reels with creators who have enabled the new feature. Below is our step-by-step guide on how to Remix Reels on Instagram. 

Step 1. Choose a Reel to Remix

You can find a creator’s Reel by clicking on their profile, then clicking the Reels tab, or, click on the Reels tab at the bottom of your homepage.  

Choose a Reel to Remix

Step 2. Record your Remix

Click on the three dots on the right-hand side toolbar. Click “Remix This Reel” and the Reel will automatically appear in the Instagram editor with your camera preview on the right. Hold down the record button to start and let go to stop recording. 

Record your Remix

Step 3. Publish your Reel Remix on Instagram

Once you are happy with your Remix, click on the white Preview button to watch your Remix back before publishing. The final step will including choosing your cover photo, caption, tags and if you would like to post the Reel on your Feed as well as the Reel tab. Click the blue Share button or save your Remix as a draft. 

 Publish your Reel Remix on Instagram

Remix away!

It’s as easy as that.

Remix Reels to boost your video marketing game for your brand or small business, or just to have a laugh! Everything you need to know about the new Instagram Remix Reel feature has been answered.

Will you be using the Remix Reel feature or sticking to the classic TikTok Duets? Find out if Instagram or TikTok Reels are better for your business, or check out our Ultimate Guide to TikTok Videos today. 

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