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How to remix Instagram Reels and easily collaborate with creators

Updated April 21, 2023

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Want to collaborate with Instagram creators anywhere in the world? With Instagram’s Reel remix feature, you can. Respond to existing Reels and join forces with fellow creators to make entertaining videos with a simple tap. From product demo videos and cooking content to funny skits and reaction videos, boost your video marketing with Instagram’s remix feature in no time. Read on to explore how to remix Instagram Reels to boost your brand’s marketing strategy and create engaging videos with Clipchamp

What are Instagram Reels?

If you’ve never seen a Instagram Reel before, they are short-form vertical videos on Instagram that are extremely popular among the creator community. Unlike Instagram Stories that are designed to be a social feature with disappearing video snippets and images, Reels are made for entertainment, giving users the ability to share longer, in-depth video content.  

If you’re not sure how to create an Instagram Reel for business, head over to Clipchamp’s Instagram video maker. Customize a ready-made designer Instagram template with your branding, color scheme, personalized text, video footage, and more.  

What is the new Instagram Reels Remix feature?

You may have heard of TikTok’s duet feature before and remix on Instagram is essentially the same feature. Any Instagram user, both creator and business, can respond to a Reel by appearing in a video next to the original video side by side.  

The remix Reels feature originally set out to encourage comedic reactions, challenges, and dance collaborations, but small businesses can also take advantage of it as a marketing tool. Through customer reactions, interviews, competitor ad reactions, and more. Just be sure to enable the remix Reels feature in your Instagram profile settings to start remixing videos.  

How the remix Reels feature can help your small business

Now that you know what a remix Reel on Instagram is, how exactly can a remix Reel help small businesses? The Instagram Reel remix feature is the perfect addition to any marketing strategy. Remixing Reels can push engagement, generate more views from a wider audience, boost sales, and expose your brand to different demographics. By remixing a creator's Instagram Reel, the original creator's target audience will most likely see the video, as well as your existing audience, improving your account’s organic reach.  

So, what are some remix Reel ideas that small businesses can try out on Instagram? Take a look at the top three ideas below.  

1. Customer review remix Reels

Picture a customer who has bought your product, tested it out, and decided that your product is amazing. The consumer remixes one of your latest Instagram marketing Reels that the specific product features in, and shares their positive opinion, review, and feedback about the product. This style of Reel remixes is basically free customer testimonial videos and user-generated content.  

Remember, if consumers love your product or service, they will most likely want to share with their friends, family, and even followers about their experience. When customers remix your Instagram Reels, your reach can triple as you’re gaining views from the remix video and original Reel.  

2. Product reaction remix Reels

Even potential customers can be beneficial to your brand’s marketing strategy. Say you post a new product demo video on your Instagram Reels and reach out to a micro-influencer or creator to remix the Reel showing their genuine reaction to the featured products. Whether it’s excitement, confusion, or interest, your brand just reached a wider potential customer base leading to more exposure and leads just by a simple Instagram video feature.  

3. Epic fails reaction remix Reels

Epic fail videos are entertaining to watch and can keep us scrolling through Instagram Reels for hours. From burnt pancakes and dirty barbeques to messy art stations and unorganized fridges, creators can remix absolutely any Reel to show their real-time reaction, especially if it’s satisfying to watch. But creators aren’t the only ones who can make remix videos out of epic fail Reels. If your brand has a solution to the failure, then remix the Reel and share your product or service. The remix video can give your brand exposure, generate leads, drive Instagram profile and website traffic, and free advertising.

What Reels can be remixed on Instagram?

Brands and creators can remix any Reel that has the Remix button when you tap the three dots on the right toolbar. Creators cannot remix an already remixed Reel, but you can save the remixed Reel, upload to Clipchamp, and edit the remixed Reel.  

How to remix a Reel on Instagram

  1. Find a Reel to remix that is remixable.  

  2. On the Reel, tap on the three horizontal dots button.  

  3. Tap on the remix button.  

  4. Select remix with original video or remix after original video.  

  5. Record your remix video. 

  6. Share your video on Instagram. 

How to enable remix Reels on Instagram

  1. Tap on the three horizontal lines button in the top right corner of your profile.  

  2. Tap the settings button. 

  3. Tap the privacy button.  

  4. Tap the Reels and Remix button.  

  5. Slide the toggle on to allow remixing of Reels, feed videos, and photos. 

How to add subtitles to a remix Reel

Captions are the perfect addition to any Instagram Reel as they make your content more accessible and easier to understand on mute. Add captions to your remix Reel inside Instagram using the captions feature or use Clipchamp’s free auto-captions feature that creates accurate subtitles in global languages and generates a downloadable transcript for you to keep.  

Remix Reels to boost your brand’s social media presence, highlight your personality and generate more engagement. If you’re looking for more social media video ideas for your small business, check out TikTok’s latest trends. When you’re ready to make a video, get started with Clipchamp.

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