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TikTok's biggest trends right now (2024) 

Updated June 13, 2024

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From lip-syncing battles, viral dance challenges, and cooking trends, TikTok trends have taken over the For You Page (FYP) by storm. Who else has tried Emily Mariko’s viral salmon rice bowl or casually referenced their low-effort meal as “girl dinner”?

But with new video trends like hashtags, TikTok sounds, and even video editing styles finding their way onto TikTok daily, it’s hard to keep track of what’s trending and what’s old news. That’s why we put together the ultimate TikTok trends list!

Read on to explore TikTok trends right now and how to make TikTok videos from your desktop using Clipchamp

Bridgerton photo filter

Channel your delulu and transport yourself into the world of Bridgerton with this official TikTok photo filter. Created to celebrate the launch of the historical romance drama's third season on Netflix, anyone on TikTok can join this photo trend—no song or dance to learn. With the second part of the drama scheduled to drop in June 2024, this trend is going to keep growing. If you want to make more 3D photos for TikTok, explore this guide.

'Espresso' dance challenge

This tune by Sabrina Carpenter is the song of summer! The catchy chorus comes with fun choreography, that's taken over TikTok. There are beginner-friendly and advanced versions of her steps making the rounds on TikTok. There's also an Espresso TikTok makeup trend, if that's how you'd like to join the trend instead and follow this guide to learn how to make a GRWM video in minutes.

'Open up the door' audio

This snippet from an unreleased Billie Eilish song is being used by women on TikTok as a coming out song. Users are sharing an experience from their past that made them realize they are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community, by lip syncing to the tune and using text overlays to share the situation. This trend is just in time for Pride Month celebrations.

'Barbara’s Rhubarb Bar' dance challenge

'Barbaras Rhabarberbar', is a trending German rap song on TikTok. It translates to 'Barbara’s Rhubarb Bar' and has its origins in a classic German tongue-twister. Join in the trend by the music duo Bodo Wartke and Marty Fischer by grabbing your best friend or making a couple dance TikTok, like this one. Win bonus points for lip syncing the German lyrics accurately, especially if that's not your native language.

'Rock, paper, scissors, shoot' food challenge

Grab some burgers, fries and a friend to join you in this viral TikTok food challenge. In this challenge, whoever wins the game of rock, paper and scissors must eat the food, while the loser must run a lap and be back for the next game. Do this until the food runs out or till one of the players surrenders! This food challenge is usually done outdoors like in a parking lot or park.

If you want to join this longform TikTok video challenge, get inspired by this viral TikTok.

'Hello sharks' audio

The theme song of the reality TV show Shark Tank is trending! Create your unique business offer for your imaginary panel of investors (or TikTok viewers) asking for whatever your heart desires—sweet treats for $5 in exchange for a slice, trips to Hawaii in exchange for all the gossip—the options are endless. You can also use your outfit for comic effect and dress for the occasion in a suit.

You never know, Barbara Corcoran might end up making you a deal in the comments section.

'Nobody knows me like you do' audio

This tune combines the most fun bits of TikTok—lip syncs and relatable captions. Grab your best friend, sibling or anyone who you share an experience with and perform a passionate lip sync to this 2021 Birdy hit.

Talk about a niche habit to make your TikTok stand out but don't get too specific as it still has to be relatable to go viral.

'Hold my hand' audio

'Standing in a crowded room..' it's hard not to sing along when this trending song starts! There are many versions of this dance meme trend making the rounds, including a dad and daughter edition. In this version, the daughter stands in the middle of the room lip syncing while standing still while the dad appears on screen now and then doing a funny dance or after an outfit swap.

Get inspired by browsing the audio hashtag and looking at this trending example.

'The older you get' audio

Daniel Seavey shared a preview of his upcoming song and it struck a chord with TikTok users. Inspired by his lyrics, users are sharing a slideshow video about wishing they could be 16 forever.

To join this trend, share a photo slideshow. Add a photo of you at age 16 in slide one and share a photo of your favorite band that no longer sings together in slide two. Check out this trending example. Meanwhile, enjoy the tune!

'Unwritten remix' audio

Natasha Bedingfield's 2004 hit 'Unwritten' has been featured in the romcom 'Anyone but you' and has soared back up the music charts and on TikTok. Since the movie released, creators have been posting videos dancing to the tune as they exit the movie theater, or in the car ride home. Since then, the nostalgic viral tune has had a variety of content like dance tutorials and POV memes.

Create your own take on the trending audio— you may even get a duet where Natasha Bedingfield reacts to your TikTok.

'Texting' audio

Create a video with this trending audio to show that you don't take yourself too seriously. Answer the question 'what are you doing?' with a lip sync to this sound and add a caption that describes a situation where you might feel a bit awkward admitting what you're doing on your phone.

This could be anything from scrolling through social media during a chat with your friend to watching cat videos instead of doing work.

Superbowl halftime show prediction

In 2023, Rihanna's performance at the Superbowl took TikTok by storm with memes, recreations and reaction videos. This year, creators have started a trend to predict what the musical set by Usher would look like during the Superbowl halftime show.

These TikTok videos are on the longer side, and you can feature yourself narrating through the performance, singing well as (trying to) dance like Usher.

‘Yes, and?’ audio 

Ariana Grande's newly launched song has taken TikTok by storm, featuring in dance challenges and relatable memes. Both the sped up and slowed down version of this song are popular for creating memes about judgemental comments users have received. Add some eyerolls with this lip-syncing trend, make the caption personal and share your unique take. You can also make separate 'yes, and?' reaction clips and combine them into a montage video. Show the world that you won't let anyone bring you down with the ‘yes, and?’ trend. 

‘In and out’ list videos

Say goodbye to traditional New Year's resolutions and hello to ‘in and out’ lists. TikTok users are creating these highly personalized lists of what they want for their 2024 selves. For example, some creators are saying goodbye to bad habits and welcoming more self-care activities. Share your ‘in and out’ lists to stir up a conversation on the For You page. Simply record a casual clip of yourself and overlay your text side-by-side. 

‘Murder on the dancefloor’ audio 

Recently featured in the film 'Saltburn', this classic 2001 dance hit from Sophie Ellis-Bextor has made a comeback on TikTok. Inspired by the movie, users record themselves dancing to this trending audio through their home, hotel room or any location that has a luxurious and old money aesthetic. You can hop on the ‘Murder on the dancefloor’ trend by shaking a leg as you do your home tour. Feel free to put your unique twist on the location to stand out.  

Yearly wrap up trend

Wrap up 2023 with a fun and quick slideshow video. All you have to do is merge 3-second videos and images together, add background music, and animated titles at the start to create the perfect wrap up video. Don't forget to make your slideshow video in 9:16 aspect ratio.

White elephant gift ideas

Created the best white elephant gift list of all time? Share your gift ideas to your TikTok viewers in a green screen effect video.

Golden retriever energy trend

Has your partner lost you in a crowd, and you've caught it on video? This innocent December trend has been circulating TikTok, with creators recording their friends, partners, and even pets trying to find them in a crowded location. Just overlay text onto your short video clip and add festive background music.

Christmas baking trend

Get in the Christmas spirit by sharing your favorite and easy baking or cooking recipes. This tutorial style video is perfect to teach your followers in just a few seconds. List ingredients and record your steps in a bird's-eye view.

Christmas gift guide trend

Share your thoughts and opinions on the best gifts to give this Christmas. Record yourself chatting to the camera, using the picture-in-picture overlay effect to show the gift items on screen at the same time.

Name a woman's name trend

If you want to secretly test your partner, record them while asking 'name a woman's name'. They will either name a celebrity, your own name, or their mom.

Thanksgiving 'whatcha Say' audio

Jason Derulo's song 'Whatcha Say' became a viral hit around Thanksgiving this year. Millennial creators use the audio track as a funny way to express their thoughts and feelings around what their parents ask them at Thanksgiving dinner. Use this audio paired with slow motion video clips and text overlays to create the trend.

Older siblings aren't prepared for this trend

Wham!'s 80's classic, 'Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go', has made a viral comeback on TikTok and turned into a remix. Older siblings are creating videos showcasing their younger siblings at a young age, then the dramatic change to what they look like today. Create this trend by merging together two video clips, trimming excess footage, and saving in 1080p video resolution.

Bird's-eye view trend

Get creative with the bird's-eye view trend! Tape your smartphone to the ceiling or fan, then click record to record yourself dancing. Just record a video, trim your video into a short clip, then upload to TikTok.

'Do you know the muffin man?' audio

Adam Lambert's rendition of Cher's global hit 'Believe' mixed with Shrek's 'Do you know the muffin man' has once again gone viral on TikTok. Creators are dressing up this Halloween as Lord Farquaad and dancing to the viral audio. Take part in this trend by recording yourself dancing, merging your clips together, then adding background music.

Dance Moms pyramid audio

If you want to add a humorous touch to one of your marketing videos, use the viral voiceover from Abbey Lee Miller on a Dance Moms episode. The coach explains who is on the bottom of the dancing pyramid to the top.

Last Christmas dance challenge

Move over Halloween, Christmas is around the corner! Creators are taking TikTok back to its roots with and old school dance challenge. Grab your partner, pet, kids or colleagues to recreate this epic Christmas dance to Ariana Grande's Last Christmas remix. Use stickers, sound effects, and filters to make your video more professional.

Travel with me trend

No matter the destination, vlog your travelling experience to take your followers with you when you go on holidays. All you have to do is record yourself vlogging on your smartphone, split and merge video clips together, and add a voiceover.

'Get ready with me' trend

Create a ‘get ready with me’ video where you record yourself doing your skincare and beauty routine and choosing your outfit for the day. These videos are a mix of a vlog, tutorial video as well as a ‘before and after’ video and are popular across all social media platforms.

TikTok users have a unique sense of humor and creativity and make trends about absolutely anything. From the Roman empire trend to just ‘going with the flow’ comedy trends, 2022 and 2023 had some funny TikTok trends you need to know about.

Let’s look down memory lane at some TikTok trending sounds and dance challenges that were at the heart of TikTok across the years. Some of these video trends are still circulating the For You Page (FYP) today!

'I can buy myself flowers' audio 

In January 2023, Miley Cyrus’ top hit I can buy myself flowers turned into one of the most viral trending TikTok songs. From girls dancing with their own bunch of flowers to dogs walking on their own, the song can be added to any video. It called upon all independent individuals! Watch the various takes on this trend here

Barbie’s ‘Ken-enough’ dance challenge 

Margot Robbie’s Barbie movie took over the internet in March, 2023. The popular TikTok dancers @brookieandjessie caught onto the trend early and made a dance routine to Ryan Gosling’s ‘I’m just Ken’ song. The sound went viral, with millions of other creators tried the dance. Watch the dance challenge here.    

Taylor Swift audios 

In honor of Taylor Swift’s Eras tour, creators turned popular Taylor Swift songs into trending sounds across 2023, starting from June. From showcasing children, partners, and even pets, TikTok users had endless options when it came to creating a highlight video representing the love of their life. Watch wholesome videos from the trend here.   

The Roman Empire trend 

In September 2023, TikTok users asked their boyfriend or husband how often they think about the Roman Empire and secretly recorded their answer. With soft background music, captions, and humorous overlay text, this trend was easy to create. Watch an example here

Flashback video edit

February was the month of reminiscing and creating flashback videos with the Lil Nas X song ‘That’s what I want’ that went viral in 2022. The TikTok trend highlighted a mix of short video clips and image slideshows to share the past and the present. Watch the Flashback TikTok video here

Inverted camera filter

In April, 2022, the inverted camera trend went viral on TikTok for showing creators how symmetrical or asymmetrical their faces were. This trend either boosted your self-esteem or really hurt your confidence. Watch the inverted camera video trend here

Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi audio

The September of 2022 was the home of Lady Gaga’s #paparazzi TikTok trend with creators turning a sound from the musician’s live performance into a viral meme video. Watch the paparazzi TikTok trend here.  

Wednesday Addams’ dance challenge

The quirky dance from the Netflix show ‘Wednesday’ became a viral dance challenge in December, 2022. The song ‘I’ll dance with my hands’ became an instant favorite for TikTok users. Watch the dance challenge TikTok trend here.  

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