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Tiktok's biggest trends in 2023 (so far)

Updated March 23, 2023
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From lip-syncing battles, viral dance challenges, and cooking trends, TikTok have taken over the For You Page (FYP) by storm. Who else has tried Emily Mariko’s viral salmon rice bowl? 

But with new video trends like hashtags, sounds, and even video editing styles finding their way onto TikTok daily, it’s hard to keep track of what’s trending and what’s old news. That’s why we put together the ultimate TikTok trends list!  

Read on to explore TikTok trends right now and how to make TikTok’s from your desktop using Clipchamp

Document a day in the life of your pet, merge your clips together, and add an original voiceover using Clipchamp’s free text to speech maker to create an entertaining and cute TikTok video.  

‘You left me alone in Costco’ TikTok trend  

If you’re a shopaholic, then this Costco TikTok trend is for you. With a vlog style video, record your over-the-top shopping experience, and add the TikTok sound onto your video. 

Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich TikTok trend  

From the hit TV series, The Last of Us, Pedro Pascal eating a sandwich has turned into a viral TikTok meme. Why? We simply do not know, but the trend is working. Add the eating sound to the background of awkward, educational, and funny videos.

Best friends TikTok trend  

This viral sound originally from artist Lizzo, has turned into a go-to TikTok video shared between parents and kids. Some creators have even turned the lip-syncing TikTok challenge into an adorable skit.  


I need new friends cause he’s not jackin me😭

♬ original sound - dankojin

‘Do you feel Bonita?’ TikTok trend  

The ‘I feel Bonita’ TikTok trend has turned into a viral sound. “Bonita” means “beautiful” in Spanish. Originally taken from episode 11 of season 16 Family Guy, the wholesome TikTok sound can make anyone feel beautiful. 

Guessing Rihanna’s Super Bowl soundtrack TikTok trend  

The Super Bowl is one of the most iconic sporting events in history. Viewers all over the world tune in to watch the big event, but not just for the football. The halftime show is equally as important. In preparation for the big reveal, creators are coming up with their own predictions of the halftime show’s 8-minute playlist.  

Recreating Rihanna’s Super Bowl 2023 halftime show TikTok trend  

Seconds after the Super Bowl’s halftime show has ended, creators are publishing their own renditions of the performance. From tracksuits to awkward solos, the TikTok dancing and lip-syncing trend has gone viral. 

‘Can we skip to the good part’ TikTok trend 

This trending TikTok song has turned into viral sound that can be interpreted however you like. Usually used for travel, transformations, and epic fails, creators are adding the background music to two specific video clips.  


No but I swear I think a dog would have been easier than this plant.

♬ original sound - gummiclare’s spam

From invites to table décor, creators are sharing their tips and tricks on how to DIY your own wedding for an affordable price. Simply record your TikTok video in short clips, merge them together, and add a voiceover. It’s as easy as that.  

@samicuff_ DIY 100 of these simple wedding invitations for under $100! Very doable! For my DIY brides out there that want something achievable at home (or print at the local print shop if you don’t have a printer!) and to save some money, this one is for you! Of course, this is just an idea of what you can do with your own kind of paper, colours and styling, but the bones and the process has been laid out for you to let your creativity go wild! What colour scheme and style will you be going for? #weddingdiy #weddingideas #cheapwedding #affordablewedding #diybride #budgetbride #weddinginvitations #weddinginviteinspiration #affordableweddinginvitation #weddinginvitationsideas #diywedding #weddingstationary #diyweddinginvitations ♬ original sound - Sami | affordable wedding diys

'Dumb ways to die' TikTok trend  

The dark humor TikTok trend, dumb ways to die, was originally created for a metro train announcement. But once TikTok creators heard the sound, it went viral within 24hrs of launching the campaign. Creators can add the sound to absolutely any video that is an epic failure, injury, accident, and more scenarios. 

'I can buy myself flowers' TikTok trend  

Calling all independent individuals! Miley Cyrus’ top hit I can buy myself flowers has turned into one of the most viral trending TikTok songs. From girls dancing with their own bunch of flowers to dogs walking on their own, the song can be added to any video. 

12-year old’s now vs then TikTok trend 

It might be embarrassing to admit, but we’ve all created a film clip, dancing, or lip-syncing video when we were younger. But 12-year-olds today are far more advanced. So, comparing the two generations has turned into a viral TikTok trend.  

Behind-the-scenes (BTS) at work TikTok trend  

Customers love watching exclusive behind-the-scenes of a brand they adore. So, if your business is on TikTok and you’re lacking inspiration, why not make a BTS TikTok series?

@brittney_saunders Replying to @Kirstyyy How we process returns here at @FAYT The Label (FATE) ♬ original sound - Brittney Saunders

Cringe moments TikTok trend  

From replaying bad decisions that haunt us to fun work-related videos, the song Somebody to love has turned into a viral TikTok sound. The catchy beat of the background music makes it perfect to add to any comedy TikTok trend.   

Zooming parents TikTok trend  

This TikTok trend was created to mimic what every parent does... zoom on a smartphone video when you can’t zoom! The TikTok sound can be anything, but December’s trend was Microwave Popcorn by Bo Burnham.  

‘I’ll dance with my hands’ TikTok trend 

From Wednesday, a Netflix series based off the Addams Family, has taken over TikTok. Jenna Ortega’s character, Wednesday, performed an iconic dance during the series that turned into a viral TikTok dance. 


i am OBSESSED with that dance scene!! jenna really killed it as wednesday fr 😭😭🖤

♬ original sound - heyy

‘Why you asking all them questions’’ TikTok trend  

This TikTok trend can show off your creative side. With the help of dramatic facial expressions and actions, turn any video into a funny skit by adding the questioning sound from Spoken Reasons.  

'My cue to leave' TikTok trend 

This TikTok sound is an original audio used when creators want to replicate leaving a situation. It’s lighthearted, humorous, and intended to be not taken too seriously. Even Reece Witherspoon has joined the trend!  

Lunchbox TikTok trend 

Using a birds-eye view camera angle, creators are recording what they're making themselves, children, or pets for lunch, and viewers love it. From lunchbox ideas to aesthetically pleasing clips, these TikTok videos can entertain viewers for hours and are extremely easy to make. Like organizational TikTok videos, all you have to do is record your lunch preparation and then add a voiceover.

@bethevillage I thought this would be one of her favorite lunches yet! I was so wrong. #bentolunch #bentobox #lunchideas #kids ♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

Baby mama TikTok trend

The baby mama dance trend has been circulating on TikTok since 2017 and is still popular today. Creators who are pregnant and close to their due date are performing this fun dance routine for their followers and adding their own twist to it.

'I'm addicted to this' TikTok trend

This light-hearted TikTok trend shares creators' funny or strange addictions using an original sound by Sweet Bee. This trend isn't meant to be taken too seriously as creators are sharing their favorite life hacks. If you're still stuck for ideas, head over to our TikTok template library for inspo.

The Lady Gaga paparazzi TikTok trend

Creators are turning a clip from Lady Gaga’s live performance into a viral TikTok sound to showcase their most loved things in a humorous way.

Kourtney Kardashian's 'can I get a hug' TikTok trend

Sometimes reality TV stars unintentionally create the best TikTok sounds. Kourtney Kardashian's voiceover has taken over TikTok with millions of creators using the sound and turning it into their own. 

@paigemackenzie No I’m still angry with you @katemaries ♬ No thanks - kuwtkclips0

TikTok isn't just for dancing trends and voiceovers. Interview-style videos have become extremely popular as well. Creators approach random people and ask a list of questions. This TikTok trend intends to inspire viewers, teach them, and give insights into other people's personal lives.

‘My money don’t jiggle jiggle’ TikTok trend

Louis Theroux has gone viral on TikTok with creators obsessing over the “money don’t jiggle jiggle” rap song. But how did this sound go viral? A TikToker created a dance to the sound, then millions of users, and even celebrities caught onto the trend.  

Randomly running TikTok trend

Another comedy TikTok trend circulating the FYP is the ‘random running’ video. Couples randomly film themselves and their partners running away from something, to see if their partner matches their energy. It’s kind of mean, but funny to watch. 

‘Find this person’ TikTok trend 

You might think TikTok is about only sharing funny videos, but recently, it’s become a source of tracking people down. This might sound a tad ‘stalkerish’, but it’s meant to be in the nicest way possible. If creators see an attractive person, someone who’s lost their wallet, or just simply wants to follow them on social media, they post a video of the person, and the comments will find them. People from all over the world comment on the video and figure out who they are. Some users have even fallen in love or received modeling contracts from this trend. 

Best interaction at the Met Gala 2022

Emma Chamberlain and Jack Harlow’s Met Gala 2022 interaction has, believe it or not, become a viral TikTok sound. The awkward encounter has users and viewers in waves of laughter. TikTok users are now using the sound as a voice-over and creating their spin on the video. 

Transformation TikTok trend 

The ‘to the salon’ TikTok trend highlights users' transformations. Whether it’s a new hairstyle, home renovation, new nail set, or makeover, users are excited to share before and after videos.

@nailmartusa I had to use this sound😅 btw these are my natural nails💖 #russianmanicure #nailart #tothesalon #gelnails ♬ to the salon - char 😵‍💫

Recreating on a budget TikTok trend

TikTokers are finding new ways to decorate their homes with gorgeous home decor and furniture but on a budget. Many of us don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on one sofa, so finding an inexpensive yet quality look-a-like is perfect. These DIY TikToks are usually paired with the song Love You So by The King Khan & BBQ Show.

‘Going with the flow’ TikTok trend

Are you a go-with-the-flow type of person but need to know where, when, who, and how? This comedy TikTok trend has been circulating on the FYP for quite some time now. A creator named Carly made this TikTok’s original sound, not expecting the trend to go viral.


I’m a go with the flow girl but I need to know when where and with who

♬ original sound - Carly

Daily vlog TikTok trend

Ever wanted to see inside your favorite creators' lives? Now you can with daily vlogs and morning routines. Creators record small video snippets throughout their day, then piece them all together to create a vlog.

Organization TikTok trend

Organization TikTok videos have become a popular form of user-friendly entertainment. Creators document their organizational skills of pantries, bedrooms, bathrooms, and even restocks. 

What I ordered vs what I got TikTok trend

Creators are now sharing their new furniture and home decor finds on TikTok. Usually, a screenshot of the online store listing will be shown, then how the creator styled the piece in their home. Users can add any song to the background of the TikTok video.

‘I’m just a baby’ TikTok trend

TikTok creators are enjoying using this adorable sound and making it their own. The now-viral sound from Little.blooming.women have taken over TikTok by storm. The original video shared a cute scene between mother and daughter. Now creators are turning the sound into a funny trend.

Coffee TikTok trend

Creators use this unique short sound, Coffee is my best friend, to showcase their favorite coffee recipes. It’s a simple yet effective TikTok trend. have a great weekend! i’ll be out of town for a couple of days so i’ll see you when i get back 🤍 #fyp #aesthetic #coffee #coffeetiktok #coldbrew ♬ Coffee is my best friend - Emily

I’ll never forget you TikTok trend

This TikTok trend is a way for creators to share their most memorable moments through a flashback TikTok. The videos usually downplay encounters with celebrities, athletes, entertainers, or in some cases, their baby’s father.


blow this up so we can find him😍

♬ Never Forget You - Noisettes

Inverted camera TikTok trend

The inverted camera TikTok trend either boosted our self-esteem or really hurt them. Creators apply the inverted filter to their face and see how symmetrical their face is or isn’t.

Inspirational quotes TikTok trend

The inspirational quotes TikTok trend transforms things people write into quotes that can be posted on Pinterest. The A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton plays in the background, adding to the irony of the trend.

@c_kurowski Part 2! Had to go through a lot of old tests to find these gems! What did I miss? #InspirationalQuotes #chemistry #chem ♬ A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton

Re-create the object TikTok trend

TikTok creators are having a lot of fun re-creating this viral TikTok trend. Users are filming themselves representing an object that is shown on the screen. This trend features a shortened version of the song It’s Tricky by Run D.M.C.

Asking strangers how old they feel TikTok trend

Asking strangers how old they feel is another heart-warming TikTok trend. Users film people from their community and simply ask them how old they are and how old they feel. Some of their answers will shock viewers.

‘How did I end up in this situation?’ TikTok trend

This light-hearted TikTok trend is open for interpretation. Creators share a funny video, then show how they got to where they are in that video preview through a video slideshow. The featured song is Carakuulei by Cara Bown.

#Hairchallenge TikTok trend

This light-hearted hair challenge is so simple yet powerful. TikTok users are showing how changing their hairstyle can really alter their appearance.


sorry boys, women own this trend from now on


Flashback TikTok trend

Another wholesome TikTok trend that has been circulating on For You pages this year is the flashback trend. Users are posting their partners and families in current times, then flashing back to them when they first met. The song That’s what I want by Lil Nas is the trending sound for this TikTok.

Who you were raised by TikTok trend

The ‘raised by Karen's TikTok trend isn’t meant to be taken too seriously. The fun-filled trend lets users share who they were raised by and some of their funniest moments. The featured song is Bang Bang Bang Bang by Sohodolls.

#celinedion TikTok trend

The Celine Dion lip-syncing challenge is one of the most popular trends that has carried on from 2021 to 2022. The viral song All coming back to me now by Celine Dion has caught the attention of TikTok users of all ages. 

#ilikeitpicasso TikTok trend

TikTok users are using this trending sound to show off themselves, artwork, home renovations, and even their unique workplaces. Users can create anything they desire with a trending sound; the options are endless. If you’re not sure how to create your first TikTok trend video, creating a storyboard will help. 

‘That’s not my name’ TikTok trend

Ever called yourself, your pet, or your friends a completely different name than their real name? Create a TikTok with the ‘That’s not my name' trending sound. This sound has been used by celebrities who have acted in many different roles growing up. This style of TikTok trend includes captions

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